AUT: Official Trello Link - Item Level Gaming (2024)

A Universal Time is one of many action-adventure games in Roblox. What makes AUT so special is its array of characters.

Players of AUT can choose characters from popular fandoms and utilize their abilities to battle enemies and bosses, level up, and become powerful fighters in its expanding universe.

The game features a collection of unique powers that players can use in battle to hurt their opponents. The map and other player features undergo constant updates.

Staying informed is a key strategy for getting ahead in the game. Given this, this article tells you about the official Trello Link for AUT.

Official Trello Link for AUT (A Universal Time)

Most Roblox games will have a Trello board that is constantly updated. Players use this as a resource to stay on top of new developments and ways they can improve their gameplay experience.

Here is the link to the Official A Universal Time Trello Board if you want to check it out yourself!

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Things To Know

The board introduces new players to the reference AUT is based on. For those who don’t know, the game is heavily based on the hit anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, a shōnen and later seinen manga written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki.

This introductory section of the board also skims over Stand and Universal Abilities. Stands are manifestations generated by the character usually seen as a figure hovering above its user.

Universal abilities are abilities that can be performed without a Stand. In AUT, these abilities will usually come from other media apart from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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New Player Info

The board also covers several introductory topics for new players. Official discord servers and rules are discussed to keep order. In-game rules are also explained.


The Map section of the Trello board talks about the train mechanics and NPC locations in the game. The train will spawn along the bike rack and NPC Thugs can be found near the Central area of the map. These thugs will range from levels 1 to 30.

Gojoland can be found to the left of the Soccer Field. Inside, players will be able to find several NPCs such as Gojo, Killua, and Umbra.

The beach zone and skate park will both have NPCs that can offer quests.


The menu in AUT can be accessed with keyboard shortcuts. Pressing M will reveal the menu – on the top left will be your server region and age and on the bottom right will be how many UCoins you have.

The inventory option will branch out into three subcategories: Item Storage (BANK), Skin Inventory, and Stand Storage. Here you can store items in their respective categories.

In the Shop, skins can be purchased using uS and uP. uP can be acquired through Robux purchases, while uS is earned by completing daily quests. Note that the shop resets at 00:00 UTC along with the daily quests,

You can also view your pending quests in the Menu along with their corresponding objectives.

Other options in the menu include Trade, where you can trade items with other AUT players. The Settings option is where you can adjust gameplay settings.

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Important Systems

The board discusses important systems such as Levels, Traits, Achievements, and Ascension. For many players, the first three are self-explanatory.

Ascension is unique to AUT and describes when you have maxed out your character’s ability, you can sacrifice abilities and U-Coins to reset your character’s level back to 1. This allows players to get new moves and gain more bonuses.

Read our Complete Guide on Ascensions for an in-depth explanation of this feature.


If you want a cheat sheet for what’s hot and what’s not in AUT, the generous admins of the Trello board have tier lists from skins to abilities to items. Use these to your advantage to synergize your kit.

Farming Tips

The Trello board also provides players with basic farming tips. These include using the bat to receive Casey and using Mero Mero no Mi with Standless to gain the Mero Mero no Mi (Ability). There are also plenty of easter eggs you can unlock in AUT.

A few listed on the board include Sans’ Bone, a Dragon Ball, and DIO’s Diary.

NPCs, Quests, and Bosses

Important information for players includes bosses, NPCs, quests, and how to beat them. The Trello board covers all of these comprehensively, but here’s a quick summary that covers the major details:

There are 4 Main Categories of NPCs: Regular, Hostile, Quest, and Limited.

  • As their names suggest, Regular NPCs are mainly there for interactions.
  • Hostile NPCs will attack you.
  • Quest NPCs will give you quests.
  • Limited NPCs are NPCs that you can interact with for a set duration.

In total, there are 17 bosses you can fight in AUT. 11 quests will relate to quests, 4 will involve wave bosses, and 2 will feature limited-time bosses.

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The latter part of the board talks about all the abilities in AUT. These are further divided into 4 categories.

Stands & JoJo Abilities

The game wouldn’t be quintessentially Jojo’s if they didn’t include the stances from the manga. There are 7 parts to this category broken down as such:

  • Part 1: Phantom Blood
    • Base Hamon
    • Jonathan Hamon
    • Vampire
  • Part 2: Battle Tendency
    • Joseph Hamon
  • Part 3: Stardust Crusaders
    • Star Platinum Prime
    • Magician’s Red
    • The World
    • Silver Chariot
    • Shadow Dio
  • Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable
    • Crazy Diamond
    • Star Platinum the World
    • Killer Queen
  • Part 5: Golden Wind
    • Gold Experience
    • Sticky Fingers
    • King Crimson
    • Gold Experiencing Requiem
  • Part 6: Stone Ocean
    • Weather Report
    • Whitesnake
    • C-Moon
    • Made in Heaven
    • The World Over Heaven
  • Part 7: Steel Ball Run
    • Tusk
    • D4C
    • D4C: Love Train
    • The World: High Voltage
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Original & Universal Abilities

The board also presents all 10 original abilities available in the game as well as how to acquire each one.

As for Universal abilities, there are 17 to unlock. Similar to the Original abilities, the board tells players how to achieve each one. Refer to these if you’re eyeing a specific ability you want to unlock.

Dev/Staff Abilities

This category is a unique one as it isn’t currently available to the public. You can see the Ope ability on a Wave Exclusive Boss. More background information is provided on Trello.

Upcoming Abilities & Reworks

Players have also incorporated upcoming abilities and reworks into the Trello Board. This is a good way for players to stay up to date on any new patches and help you prep for anything new that catches your eye.

Use this handy resource if you need any background or additional explanation for features in AUT. Huge thanks to the generous and dedicated developers of this ever-expanding game for regularly updating this official Trello link for AUT. We wish you good luck on your own Jojo’s adventure!

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AUT: Official Trello Link - Item Level Gaming (2024)


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