The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (2024)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (1)

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• updatedAug 30, 2023

Many of us are foodies on the Wanderlog team, so naturally we’re always on the hunt to eat at the most popular spots anytime we travel somewhere new. With favorites like John's Big Deck, Chicken N Pickle - North Kansas City, and Harry's Country Club and more, get ready to experience the best flavors around North Kansas City.

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The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (2)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (3)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (4)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (5)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (6)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (7)

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1John's Big Deck

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (12)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (13)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (14)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (15)


(1827)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (16)


(41)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (17)

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Bar & grill

Sports bar

John's Big Deck is a three-story bar/restaurant in the historic building between the River Market and Power & Light district. It's open year round and offers casual grill fare served in a hopping atmosphere with live music, DJs, and a rooftop bar. The top floor terrace offers a beautiful view of downtown Kansas City.

Nice little place just down the street. The atmosphere is great and the food is awesome too. Decided to be adventurous and try their monthly/seasonal item (Thanksgiving Tacos) and it did not disappoint. If you get the chance, stop in. Portions are pretty big, so bring an appetite, or grab a go box when you leave.

Garret Bialczyk — Google review

It's a really cool bar in Downtown Kansas City. The food is good and good beer selection. The deck has great views.

Michael Boroczk — Google review

Ordered the nachos with Doritos, silly delicious. But the reason this place deserves a written review ... I asked if there was any chance they had a baggie for my leftover doritos. I explained we were heading to P&L and I was hoping to have snacking later but obviously no big deal if they didn't. The server not only comes back with a baggie, he gave me two options. Quart size zipper style to ensure I didn't spill in my bag or the sandwich size fold-over. I went sandwich size because I don't have a purse and will carry them like a child carries snacks at the zoo. Regardless, this service is above and beyond! Thank you Sergio!

Holly Babitzke — Google review

Overall I liked it. Definitely a big deck! Service was good and there is a "hometown" kinda vibe where the staff make the effort to call you by your name - nice touch...Happy hour was 1/2 price appetizers and although my order initially came out incorrect, when I finally got them the loaded nachos were pretty tasty.The day I visited however the downstairs windows were open and I sat at the bar. Customers were right outside the door & open windows smoking - the smoke was just coming straight into the building really setting off my sinuses / allergies... I let the bartender know and asked if smoking right outside the door was the norm to which he replied 'people can smoke outside'... I explained that I was allergic to smoke (cigarette smoke in particular), as my nose was stuffing up and I was starting to get a headache. He walked over and asked them to move out of the window. Ultimately I appreciate it but it also did seem like I was inconveniencing him with my request. Clearly the smoking area is not really well thought out if people smoke right outside the open windows. It's like saying "No peeing in the pool" so instead swimmers get out, stand on the edge and pee... Doesn't really meet the intent.

Chris Lindley — Google review

Firstly the customer service me and my party experienced last night was unacceptable. The Hispanic lady bartender and the Hispanic waitress around 12 midnight August 2, 2023 were absolutely disappointing as we went to the waiter to ask about ordering food and drinks and she literally yelled at us and said she didn't work there and walked away. She was standing directly near the kitchen when we approached her. I could still see her wearing her apron. She was skinny, talked loud and annoyingly and she looked Hispanic. Then the bartender with the drinks. I thought she was going to drink the drinks to the table but no she waved us (Black woman, Indian man) over to get our food. I believe this was completely prejudice as we witnessed her walking shots over to the table directly in front of us (buff black men) that looked like they were her friends. Disgusting behavior and I would've said something to management last night but my guy friend me not to. 👌🏾Be mindful how they treat black women. Cause you see they love them some black men but for some reason the women who RAISE them are being disrespected at an all time high. Btw, my buddy is from New York, I recommended the place at first but after our treatment he will not be back. As for me if I do come back I'll be more VOCAL(like that unhelpful waitress) about anything that seems to be of an issue.

Real Sunny D — Google review

What a great place! But our server was amazing! We were rooftop Friday 8-25. I just can't remember her name! But she was fun, knowledgeable and just great at her job! The food and drinks we great as well. But she made the night!

Kim B — Google review

Made a quick stop for lunch. Ordered the double cheeseburger and tots, which was really good. Atmosphere was very bar-like. Of you had several buddies with you, this would be a fun place to eat and hangout.

Phillip Rigsby — Google review

We went upstairs to the Deck around 8:00 on a Thursday night in September. There were 2 waitresses serving tables and we were to seat ourselves, so we sat at an empty table that needed wiped. The waitress walked by us several times, never acknowledged us once. After about 15 minutes of waiting my husband went to the bar and got us drinks. About half way through our drinks I asked the waitress as she walked by if she could please wipe our table. She flippently said, "in a minute, I'm busy"Too busy obviously to even acknowledge our existence.Our drinks were almost gone when she came by with a rag that looked dirty and obviously sprayed with a lot of pine sol. She wiped our table and the smell of pine sol was very strong.She said, "want anything else?" I said no.We left minutes later and left her 26 ¢. Her loss. We are very good tippers when we get decent service.It's a shame because after you climb the 3 flights of stairs (exhausting) there is a beautiful view of KC downtown. But we won't go back until the waitresses get trained to acknowledge and treat their customers with respect. The food? Who knows. We never were asked if we wanted any.

Dawn Cannon — Google review

Not a bad place but nothing special. In addition, my school had rented out the second floor for a celebration and the bouncer wouldn't let me in because they were at full capacity (which I understand) BUT they let a bunch of people who weren't a part of the celebration in, half of the class couldn't even get in.

Camilla Kachar — Google review

Awesome venue! I would definitely recommend the third floor is awesome!! Great live music on the first floor! The second floor had an awesome dance scene vibe but poor ventilation. I would definitely go back!

Janae Lyles — Google review

First time visitor yesterday with the family and I must say the place has a very nice setup. The food was good but our waitress was very rude/short with us upon arrival/whole visit. We sat up on the rooftop yesterday where we could seat ourselves. The table wasn't clean but that wasn't a problem, if we could have gotten it wiped off. We asked the waitress can she wipe it down and she threw the dry cloth on the the table toward my husband as if "wipe it yourself " that wasn't very professional at all. Even tho the establishment is nice and the food is good the customer service should top all that,but unfortunately it wasn't.

Mrs. C Moody — Google review

GAME DAY SUNDAY REVIEW (noon game).First off, server was great. She was just put in a horrible position by her manager or whoever does the scheduling.We got there at 1155 am and got the last table on the upper deck.They had one waitress for 20 tables, most of which had 6 or more seats. Better staffing is needed.You could stand in line for bar service but that line was ten deep most of the time we were there. Also tab with server separate from bar.Ordered food beginning of 2nd quarter and by half time still had no food. Was told they had one kitchen for three floors, but again... Do better, especially since the majority of the patrons were upstairs.This place has lots of TVS but all behind the bar on upper deck so beer taps and peoples' heads are in the way if you're out in the center of the deck.It has potential, but staffing and setup of the upper deck leave a lot to be desired.

Amanda Godbold — Google review

Great vibe. The bar tender was great and friendly. The extra employees were also very nice. The drinks are cheap. Happy hour is legit. We didnt eat but all the food came out looking great and came out fast. The crowd is pretty chill too. Will be returning.

Harry Phillips — Google review

Great rooftop bar with a view of KC downtown. Happy hour prices are good for drink and Nachos, Quesadilla. Staff are friendly, overall good place to hang out and have some drink with friends.

Ha Dong — Google review

Friendly bartenders and customers. The upstairs setting is pretty cool with the fire pits! Had a great time there, enjoyed the food. If definitely go back!!

Tachica Murray — Google review

Doesn’t look like much, but the food is great and at reasonable prices.John’s chicken salad as a wrap was fantastic! Good balance of meat and veggies, good portion, excellent flavor. Be sure to ask for waffle fries.And decker nachos with Doritos are everything you think they are. Lots of ground beef, plenty of toppings. The single is a lot for one person, the double is probably great for sharingGround beef tacos for taco tuesdays are excellent. Would definitely order again. The chicken is ok, but the beef is great.

Matthew L — Google review

This bar! If I could put a bed in this place, I’d live here. No bar in the area can touch the food, drinks, and service John’s Big Deck offers. This historical building should not just be known by its amazing deck, but by the phenomenal establishment and atmosphere it brings to Kansas City. 10/10

Patrick Cunningham — Google review

This is my first time getting a chance to visit Kansas City, MO! My husband and I noticed the nearest restaurant to our hotel was this place and it was absolutely awesome! We went up to the deck on the third floor and got to enjoy a delicious meal. This place takes the pandemic very seriously and there is plenty of spacing. I got the John's chicken salad wrap and my husband got the 'Po Boy sandwich. We definitely recommend this place for some good quality comfort food.

Jenny Kuckens — Google review

928 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64105, USA 255-3396

2Chicken N Pickle - North Kansas City

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (18)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (19)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (20)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (21)


(4384)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (22)


(111)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (23)

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Event venue

Pickleball court

Sports bar

Chicken N Pickle is a sports bar in Kansas City with chicken-centric cuisine and pickleball courts. It's a dog-friendly place that kids will love, and there's plenty of parking available.

CnP is a fun restaurant with plenty of games and distractions. Their staff is very friendly and attentive. Their chicken is juicy and tasty, but it is a little on the mild for spice. The deviled eggs were little underwhelming. The highlight of our meal was the brussel sprouts.We're going to come back and try it again. I was interested in the burnt ends sandwich but I'm skeptical any place that doesn't have any other barbecued beef.

Brian Marsh — Google review

Such a fun place! We really enjoyed our time here. They have free bingo on Sunday mornings which we can't wait to do. The only thing we didn't enjoy was that there were a lot of kids running around even when we were playing the games outside they kept getting in our way and the parents wouldn't say anything. They have a sign with doggy rules, maybe they should post a sign for kids lol. But besides that, really loved this place!

Amanda M — Google review

Sierra and Casey were both delightful and very helpful and attentive I sat at the bar because I was solo and they made me feel comfortable the food was super delicious I had the fried pickles and half chicken with ribs comes with a chard lemon half to squeeze on your chicken for more flavor also a flour tortilla, they have full service on both sides to eat and play pickle ball I also had 2 drinks they were refreshing

DEE MILLER — Google review

I love the concept 👏👏👏many games to play and spend the day eat and drink and watch sports games.Big variety of beers and drinks in generalBrunch in the weekend, but I didn't like the items included and I think it's not worth the price 25$

Joe Nabil — Google review

The food at Chicken N Pickle is probably some of the freshest I’ve had since moving to the KC area. The restaurant uses food from family farmers in the community and you can definitely taste the difference. I had the Pickled Chicken sandwich and the serving size was extremely generous for the price. The salads on the menu look amazing as well, and I will definitely be back to try them.The restaurant is surrounded by pickleball courts so you can play, eat, drink, and then play some more. Inside, there are tons of huge big screen TVs so you don’t have to miss anything when your favorite sports team is playing.If you go - and you should - don’t forget to order fried pickles as an appetizer to get your visit started.

Megan Johnson — Google review

My first time here was pretty cool. Took a group of kids from a Student Leadership Conference for dinner. The food was great, the service was on point and the kids enjoyed themselves after eating by playing Pickleball...and they had fun!!!!! Nice place.

Kenneth Walker (KDub) — Google review

I recently visited Chicken N Pickle with my family, and overall, it was a great kid-friendly place that combines a restaurant and sports bar atmosphere. The highlight of the venue is its pickleball courts, which offer a fun activity for all ages. Additionally, they have a variety of yard games to keep everyone entertained. The spacious layout allows you to relax and enjoy your time with your favorite people.The service at Chicken N Pickle was excellent, with a kind and attentive staff who made us feel welcome. However, when it came to the food, I had mixed feelings. We ordered the wings and half rotisserie chicken, and while they weren't bad, I found them lacking in flavor. In my opinion, the taste fell short of expectations and was somewhat subpar.Despite the food not being as flavorful as I had hoped, Chicken N Pickle is still a fantastic place for families and sports enthusiasts. The combination of activities and friendly service make it a worthwhile visit, especially if you're looking for a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Zyra Glee — Google review

My aunt ordered a puple haze and was not satisfied with it, after the staff helped me bring it to the manger Brittany's attention. She personally got a replacement drink and followed up at different times during our visit to make sure our experience and food was good. Our server Jonah was also very attentive, personal and efficient with her service. I enjoyed myself as well as the other people in my party.

Nannette Young — Google review

Pros:(1) Food flavor is fairly good(2) Fast food service(3) Provides convenient dining + group activities(4) The French Fries are perfectCons:(1) Parking is absolutely atrocious - went on a Tuesday night, and everything nearby is full(2) Way too expensive for what you get - I understand that the people pay for what they have it set at, but seriously rather than pay $40/hour for 1 court to have people stare at you while playing, just go to a public Kansas City park with a Pickleball court and play for free(3) The $2 Tuesday tacos are absolutely atrocious - I wouldn’t eat another carne asada taco even if you paid me $2. The meat was dry, chewy, and flavorless. And the tortilla was very… oddly textured and flavored. Not to mention the fact that it was cold and smaller than any other taco I’ve ever eaten.(4) They’re a bit stingy with the meat in their barbeque bowl - the quantity of meat is about 80% of what you’d expect for this kind of bowl

N A — Google review

First time here at Chicken N Pickle and it was a great atmosphere! A lot of pickleball courts and corn hole boards outside with a large area to hang out in. The inside was nice with a bar; you order your food and can pay right away or keep a tab open. Their smashburger was good and I'm sure their chicken is good as well. They are 100% cashless, so you will need a card to pay. Overall, it was a nice place to hang out for a while.

Jordan Henrickson — Google review

I've gone here with my daughter on numerous occasions. Food is good but atmosphere is really what we go for. Service often leaves something to be desired.

Chad Kidner — Google review

Super nice!You can go play as much as you want Jenga, corn hole, ping pong, naval battle and more (except for pickle ball is paid) and then enjoy a lovely meal, drink or desert.We loved for a fun night.

Anto nella — Google review

This was the first time that I came to a Chicken N Pickle. I was pretty impressed with the food and service. I enjoyed my fried-chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries. It was certainly a neat atmosphere and the servers were quite friendly. I feel like the prices were fair and the atmosphere was very family friendly. I look forward to my next visit and certainly believe that the location is very great one.

D Bebber — Google review

We had a soccer team event at this location this evening from 5-8pm. We had 40 people/16 different families. We contracted to have a room dedicated to our team. We also had extra people and spilled over into the main area of the restaurant. The staff members assigned to us were absolutely, off the charts amazing. Additionally, the other servers who were helping were fantastic. Everyone's individual check was correct. They were incredibly friendly, patient and helpful. Food came out quickly and was delicious. I wish I could give them more stars!! Highly recommend! Thanks so much for a memorable team event.

Maria Skornia — Google review

Ended up sitting in a special section where they charge a 20% gratuity because there was nowhere else to sit and I didn't want to keep walking around because my friend's back was hurting. Didn't really care for watching kickboxing or whatever they call it. Not my taste at all. I don't want to see bloody fighters while I'm trying to eat!! It was disgusting and you couldn't avoid it because it was on all the TVs. I think our server had an attitude. Maybe we didn't order enough food and drinks for her. One guy in our section actually started vaping. Only three stalls in the inside bathroom so there was a line. You should avoid Saturday evenings unless you like bug crowds and people watching because it's quite a show. Nice place to take the kids for fun and games and a limited menu.

Pam W. — Google review

A fun place to meet with friends or family. Friendly service, clean facility, Bar with wide-screen TV, and fun atmosphere. I tried the Country Fried Chicken and Fries. The chicken was made perfectly with a nice crunch(5). The bread was nice and soft and fries a (4). And of course Pickle Ball !Good job guys !

Rique L — Google review

1761 Burlington St, North Kansas City, MO 64116, USA 537-1400

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The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (24)

3Harry's Country Club

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (25)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (26)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (27)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (28)


(1272)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (29)


(90)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (30)

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Harry's Country Club is a popular bar with a wide selection of liquor. It has an extensive beer and wine selection, as well as pub fare. There is live music and a jukebox, making it a perfect place to relax with friends.

This is our most favorite bar in Kansas City. The drinks are stellar and the menu is filled with all types of food to make everyone happy. We've been going here for 20 years and it's still going strong. Love the patio and the decor is lots of fun. We always look forward to going back. (Note-the mango habanero wings are to die for)

Emily R — Google review

Great dive bar with a great selection of bourbon... The medicine cabinet menu is 40% off on Sunday nights.. Medicine cabinet menu included a great selection of bourbon. Make sure you ask for the medicine cabinet menu because it is different than their regular menu. We also bought food so our total order was more than 50 but that's because we also sampled some great bourbons.

kim hamann — Google review

Lived in KC for 20+ years - finally decided to give this place a try. The western country decor with an original jukebox add a retro element to the dining experience. Do yourself a favor: order the City Fried Chicken! It was incredible. Also ordered a cup of chili and the Chicken Pot Pie, which is a seasonal item during the cooler months 🥧 Lastly, they serve Dr Pepper & Pepsi products :)

Aubrey Anderson — Google review

The place is very cute, decorated in a retro diner sort of style. However, considering the price of everything, I can’t say I was impressed. Don’t get me wrong my Ruben sandwich was good, but not $13 good. If someone asked me to go with them I would have no objections, but otherwise I wouldn’t go back. Again, it’s fine, but that’s all it is… fine.

Camilla Kachar — Google review

I have heard about this place for years and just never seem to make it by. We decided to go right before the Bob Dylan concert, and it did not disappoint!The atmosphere was great. I wish I would have snapped some photos of the ladies restroom the photos were great!The decor was spot on with so much to look at and enjoy.The good was truly some of the best "bar" food I have had in a long time. The homemade chips and dip were so tasty and crispy and just cooked perfectly. We also had the city fried chicken, Buffalo chicken mac and cheese and fish and chips. Everything was great.We will be back for sure.

Heather .Heater — Google review

We have loved Harry’s Country Club for years for co*cktails but finally made it a date night plan for dinner one recent Wednesday. The service was great and the food was amazing. The Veggie Piccadillo was absolutely delicious, and was so much food it made two more meals with the leftovers. Great location, interesting interior, and a must to at least stop in for a drink.

M Johnson — Google review

Old fashioned pub.I feel like I've stepped back in time with old wood paneling, black & white photos, 20-foot old style bar, and a juke box.The menu follows old style with country fried steak, country fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans (w/onions & bacon), chili, and cornbread. Unfortunately, the green beans that accompanied the country fried chicken came from a can. It seems with the abundance of fresh vegetables even in the winter months that they could have included fresh green beans.They have an interesting list of appetizers. I just didn't have tummy room to try them. This is a perfect place to bring a group and share a variety of their appetizers.I'm looking forward to a return visit and trying one of their "Late Breakfast"entrees (see online menu).The servers were all smiles and made me feel welcome.

Joseph Jacob — Google review

Amazing selection of whiskey. I’m a huge connoisseur and I was impressed with their medicine cabinet. The bartender, Kate, was fantastic and friendly. I cannot wait to come visit again.

Robert Murphy — Google review

First timer. Loved the vibe, service at bar terrific, nice beer and booze selection. Ordered the pretzel sticks. The did not look or taste like a pretzel at all! Actually tasted really bad. The Guinness beer cheese saved the day...cause I was starving.

Bob Ness — Google review

Such a good spot to stop for lunch and to spend the day in this neighborhood! Fried cheese curds are always a must and my favorite. The Cobb salad with grilled shrimp was a perfect meal on such a beautiful sunny day after spending the morning at City Market.

Hugo O — Google review

I’ve been to Harry’s Country Club several times and I have never been disappointed. I’ve been for happy hours, with friends, coworkers & on a date…left happy each time! I highly recommend trying the buffalo wings, French onion dip with chips, or the cheese curds appetizers…yummmm! Their Cuban sandwich is also one of my top favorites. The patio is very spacious and beautiful if you can snag a table outside!

Through Becs Specs — Google review

I had never been here, but one of the people I was with loves it as they live downtown. I tried the Chai martini and was blown away. I've bought the ingredients to try to replicate at home, but it just isn't the same. My friends had bacon wrapped shrimp and absolutely loved them. Great service and atmosphere.

Lora Mae Schultz — Google review

We came here for an employee lunch and Harry did not disappoint us. Our waitress was super friendly and helpful, and she was cute as a button! I normally don't like American food very much, but I highly enjoyed my sandwich and the presentation was immaculate. Harry is goated!

Emily Roswold — Google review

We stopped by Harry’s randomly on a Friday night. We were able to be seated immediately which we thought was awesome considering how busy they were at the time. The service was wonderful and our waitress was so attentive to our table. The food was great and portion size was huge. We loved looking around at all of the decor on the walls and you can feel the history of the place around you.

Jeremy Johnson — Google review

112 E Missouri Ave, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA 421-3505

4The Blue Line Hockey Bar

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (31)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (32)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (33)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (34)


(1571)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (35)


(57)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (36)

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Sports bar

American restaurant

Bar & grill

The Blue Line Hockey Bar is a popular KC sports bar that has hockey themed decor, including floor-to-ceiling glass cases filled with memorabilia from all of the NHL teams. The bar broadcasts a range of sports games and matches, including the Royals and Chiefs. Cheap bar food includes Wisconsin cheese curds and hot sandwiches.

Great atmosphere. Good day with the breeze coming thru. Nice selection of beers. Had to try the poutine fries. U get a ton of em! Fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Soooo good!! 5 stars!

Jason Kasick — Google review

Very nice surprise. The beer was cold and the prices were good. I had the wings and they were hot and as good as any wings I have had in kc. Nice bubble hockey game in the back was a pleasant surprise as well. The service was fast the whole visit.

rickityf — Google review

This is the number one rated hockey bar in the United States and honestly it's a really fun hot spot as well. Drinks are strong and the little blue shots they give you when people score are quite tasty. They also have a great taco Tuesday and their street tacos are stellar.🥰

Shani Andersen-Moore — Google review

Great vibe here! Fun, laid back sports bar with a hockey theme. Great food for the prices. I recommend the cheese curds and bacon wrapped shrimp.The bartenders and staff were excellent! Extremely personable and hilarious! One of our fave spots in the area.

Diane B — Google review

Ordered Uber Eats. Simple order, wings, Caesar salad with dressing on the side and 2 drinks. The wings were fine (12 of them and 3 small pieces of celery). But NO drinks to wash the hot buffalo wings down!!! And the Caesar is NOT a Caesar! Tomatoes, carrots, cheddar cheese and cucumbers… there is a reason people order a Caesar! No veggies other than lettuce. Very disappointed, paid good money- Tipped 25% in anticipation and no one checked the order to make sure it was correct. Bummer!

Lori Muench — Google review

We’ve been down twice since Letty got back. Everything on the menu is fabulous. But if you want a real treat, they have THE BEST chicken tenders in this city!Not to mention, I always over dose on the cheese curds. Now, if we could only have black margaritas again!Welcome HOME, Letty!

Paul Wilson — Google review

I used to visit the Blue Line on a weekly basis when I lived in the River Market area...I fell in love with the food & environment here!! Kansas City's top hockey bar with amazing dishes and cold beer. I've tried almost every dish. Try out the Cheese Shots, Nachos, or Chips & Queso for an appetizer. Their tenders are massive & the buffalo wings are hot! The chimichanga and tacos are my top favorites...can't go wrong with any dish here!

Through Becs Specs — Google review

Good place to watch hockey. The menu is unique in how they label their sections, and fearures an array of typical bar foods. They also have great drink deals.

Andrea Leimer — Google review

Fun hockey bar (St. Louis Blues) bar in City Market. Decent array of taps (though pretty tame options) and always a fun atmosphere. Never seen this place not packed. It's April 20, 2024 and they played Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas is You and the crowd went wild. High Johnson County representation in the patrons here. Extremely affordable beer options, and unbelievable weekday happy hour prices.

Ann Dickey — Google review

Only hockey bar in KC. Most of the lighting and decor are blue. At least 20 beers on tap. 14 flat screens that I can see from my bar stool, with sports on all of them. No hockey tonight, but c'mon it's summer. 😁I ordered the "burn your face off wings". They have a yellow colored sauce that had a delayed but decent heat. My order showed up very fast. As in less than 5 minutes. I recommend coming to this place.

David Bennett — Google review

Visited a few times before my review. The first visit was 5 stars. Second visit was 3 stars. The third visit was another 3-4 star experience. Each time, the atmosphere was great. Food seems to be hit and miss. Service was fairly consistent with their 4 star levels of service. I'll be back for the vibe and eat prior.

Paul Buchman — Google review

The #1 hockey bar in the Kansas City is a must visit for fans. Jerseys, flags, and other hockey memorabilia hangs proudly from the ceiling and the walls. Lots of televisions and tabletop spaces for the ultimate game day experience. The menu's items are all named after hockey related heroes and teams, including our very own Kansas City Mavericks! Take the time to look around because you'll see some really neat things, including a signed photo of the 1980 gold medal hockey team from KC metro area legend Ken Morrow (#3 on the team.)*Location*Located in the River Market region, this restaurant is accessible from walking just a block or two away from several KC Streetcar line and car parking lots.*Food*The food is delicious. I ordered the Mavericks Mac & Cheese. It was very filling, and I was able to take a quite a bit of it home for a second meal.

Aubrey Anderson — Google review

Went Sunday for the Chiefs championship game, so inevitably it was packed. Nevertheless, we were able to scoop up a table for two right away with a good view of the game thanks to the many TVs. I've been here before and ordered the wings, which were surprisingly very good! This time, my girlfriend had the KC Blade BLT w/ waffle fries. She was initially worried about the 3 layers of Texas toast, but it looked amazing when she got it, and said it tasted even better and that she was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of all the food here, given the relaxed bar atmosphere. The waffle fries were crispy and hot and the chips and salsa were delicious as well. All in all, my two experiences so far have informed this well deserved 5 star review. Check this place out, you won't regret it! Did I mention they have a large menu and are open late?!

Jamie Bedwell — Google review

Visiting from Cincinnati for the Bengals game. Decided to check this place out. Food was great and Jason was such a good bartender!!! Very approachable and likable. Looked like he was having such a good time and his energy radiated to the customers. We loved it!

Felecia Patrick — Google review

529 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA 472-7825

5The Ship

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (37)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (38)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (39)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (40)


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Bar & grill

co*cktail bar

Live music venue

The Ship is a bar and grill in the West Bottoms area of Kansas City, Missouri. It has a cool speakeasy exterior and often hosts live music, which makes it a great place to have co*cktails before dinner or take shots during Halloween. The history of the bar can be found in more detail on its website.

We had a fantastic time with live music, good co*cktails, and great food. The service was great, they took us in our reservation immediately. Great bar and space if you want to go out for dancing and drinks when they have live music.Highly recommended. Parking easy. Well lit feels very safe.

Casey Copeland — Google review

The ship always has good food & tasty drinks! Couldn’t tell u the name of the drinks except….they are tasty!Two diff experiences from sitting at the table & the serve there vs the bar. Either way, your needs are provided!Haven’t ever been there late enough to hear a band so can’t comment on the entertainment. Cool ambience tho and any time I’m in the bottoms, I will at least stop for a co*cktail!Plenty of room for social distance.

Miss Miranda — Google review

Had a great lunch with the family. This place has a very awesome feel to it. The food was awesome and the staff was very helpful. Definitely will stop in the next time we're in the area.

Andrew Russell — Google review

I have been here many times through the years, and the menu has changed some.Currently the Mac and cheese on the menu is to die for. I also had the portobello sandwich, it was just so so.My partner had the firecracker shrimp po'boy and said it was spicy and delicious.The atmosphere is just a real fun vibe and a great place to experience some local live music.

Heather .Heater — Google review

This place has it all. True Kansas City vibe. Run and supported by local artists. Connections, support, & respect with local jazz district and underground music and creative community. I've also seen a variety of bands mixed with cultural/worldly, local/non-local, and KC specialty talent. The music vibe is always super awesome and full of feel-good energy.There is a great dancing space in expanded area on busy nights, both small stage and large stage areas for those touring music curiousities.I've spent many late nights, Mardi Gras celebrations, lunch gatherings, and celebrations here. The staff is friendly but ain'tno fools (arrive respectfully). People are usually smiling, vibing, and comfortable within this inclusive venue. It's the full package for entertainment and food. You can dress casual or dress up. They are all there. Saints always welcome.

V S — Google review

This place is literally the ANCHOR for the West Bottoms in KC. The atmosphere is great and the Cuban sandwich is killer!! Order it with fries. Sit at the back bar if you can. Good vibes all the way around!

Andrew Ward — Google review

I usually come here at night for the music 🎵 but decided to come for dinner one day. Turns out they were also playing live music this night inside as well on a random Tuesday. It’s impossible to hear anyone talk when there’s music inside so be aware! Luckily it was nice enough to sit outside. Got the chicken sandwich 🥪 and it was delicious. The fries are to die for 🍟😓🤤🤤🤤. Large portion. Great taste. The atmosphere and music is usually great and it’s a good time too!!! I do enjoy this place. 👍💃

Betty Jones — Google review

A must try. Great ambiance and amazing food. Service was great as well. Got the firecracker shrimp po'boy and side of Mac and cheese with a blue Hawaii co*cktail; definitely recommend.

Alex Tharp — Google review

Taken there by a friend. Never heard of it. Would never have found it on my own. Out of the way. It is in one of the collection of old industrial buildings in the West Bottoms. Felt like I had just stepped into some post apocalyptic or Star Wars kind of setting. Interesting vibe. Once settled in, it was very comfortable. Waitress was ideal. Pleasant, but not "perky". Not intrusive or effusive. Quietly competent and totally in character with the atmosphere mentioned above. The food was great and the prices were reasonable.

Russell Ashley — Google review

This is a fun spot with good service. The ship theme is different and fun. The space is small and I'm betting the volume is crazy when there's live music. The macaroni and cheese is tasty, but the garlic bread could use a makeover. Overall it's definitely a cool bar, and I'll be going back!

Bonnie S. — Google review

An unexpected great nautical atmosphere!Located in the historic industrial zone of Kansas City. A unique and innovative redesign of a building to make an unforgettable experience.Excellent drinks and great food menu.Nice staff.Multiple zones/seating areas.Street parking only.

Joshua Spurgeon — Google review

Great bar, i love the live music and the atmosphere within the bar. The food was delicious i recommend the chicken sandwich with season fries! Will definitely be coming back! Oh and the service was amazing! Thank you for a good first time experience!

Elvis Novas — Google review

Stumbled across this gem by accident. Fantastic food, drinks, music. and service. A highlight of our trip to KC!!!

KEW — Google review

Never been to a restaurant/bar under a pistol before! It is literally a shock when you walk is so well decorated...just cute as can be...and the food is delicious...prices are reasonable...service is fast and friendly. Highly recommend you give this place a try. We're definately going back!

Kyle Grace — Google review

I popped in while my daughter was getting her hair done, and left wondering why I had never been in here before now. Cool place, great staff , and their signature beer was amazing. Will definitely be going back soon!

Chris Haake — Google review

If you are looking for a fun atmosphere and good food, The Ship is a great spot! It used to be so hard to get a table on First Friday weekends, but the expansion has really opened it up. I prefer to sit in the old part that feels like your dining in a shop, but the new bar side is open and leaves lots of space for social distancing. The smoked chicken salad is my favorite menu item, but I’ve honestly never had a meal I didn’t enjoy. The staff is always friendly. I would highly recommend.

Susana Branum — Google review

1221 Union Ave, Kansas City, MO 64101, USA 471-7447

I'll never travel to North Kansas City without this trip planner again

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The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (43)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (44)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (45)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (46)

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The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (48)

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6Swordfish Tom's

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (50)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (51)

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(662)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (54)

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co*cktail bar

At Swordfish Tom's, you'll find a sophisticated vintage-inspired setting that serves refined craft co*cktails. This hidden speakeasy is owned and operated by the amazing Jill co*ckson, and with a speakeasy vibe and room full of vintage furniture, you won't be disappointed.

Waited 10 mins (party of 4).Great atmosphere: no loud music is a god send these days. I can finally have a conversation with people.Drinks were delicious and the menu did a great job with the descriptions.Paid $13 per drink.Service was excellent also. Drinks came out quick. Great find in KC.

Justin Philip — Google review

Fun speakeasy vibe bar, it's cash only but they do have an ATM on site. Staff was very friendly and they have a wide array of co*cktails to choose from. No food offered so we chose to grab dinner before then enjoy co*cktails after. It's entrance is on the side of a building, you follow down some stairs into a waiting room and the host brings you in when there's room. Cool vibes, getting in with 2-4 wasn't difficult but larger groups might have trouble sitting together. Highly recommend to make a visit.

William Kloth — Google review

One of the best bar experience I had in the country, coming from San Francisco. The host was amazing and I discovered my love of gin here! The co*cktails were amazing, the exorcism co*cktail was my favorite. My partner and I had a GREAT time. :)) 10/10 wish we can come back but we were just visiting the city for the night. Definitely a speakeasy. All the bad reviews are just salty people who suck and are too politically conservative to have a good time. (To the people who left bad reviews because of vaccination requirements during peak covid era: Lol. Imagine that.)

Rose Lee — Google review

The entrance is off the main street and on the side of the building back a bit (highlighted in the video). Cash only with ATM on site. Anyways, place is amazing if you want that authentic speakeasy experience. Be wary of what drinks you get because some are smooth and some are harsh since bourbon/whisky with bitters be like that sometimes. Recommend arriving at a decent time because the space is limited but they have a waiting room outside.

Jordan Gonzalez — Google review

Tim was AMAZING! He was knowledgeable & very helpful in answering all of our questions. He even gave us recommendations on what to try next. The drinks, Divine! The bartender is top tier & all the drinks we tried were perfection! The vibe was cozy & laid back. The restrooms were super clean too. We will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu!

Adriia Grimes — Google review

If you like speakeasy’s this place is a MUST GO. Hard to find, intimate in nature, and with a retro vibe, this place has everything you need from a speakeasy — including great co*cktails! Depending on how busy they are you may need to wait to get in. Our group of 3 waited about 10 -15 minutes to get in.

Bahia Simons-Lane — Google review

This was my first time visiting a speakeasy. Walking down to the entrance definitely made it feel like the real deal. The wait to get let in on a Saturday night was about 25 mins., which isn't too bad for a place that can only seat about 25 people. They have one of the most unique co*cktail menus I've ever seen. The guy running the show gave great recs/descriptions and was super cool. The whole vibe was just incredible; hard to put it to words.. you'll just have to go! Terry's chocolate orange and dilli vanilli were both excellent. Blowing smoke packs a MASSIVE punch, but it's very enjoyable if you like the cinnamon and smoke flavor combo. Definitely put some time aside and visit Swordfish Tom's if you're visiting KC.

Kessashun Arthur — Google review

Authentic speakeasy, with friendly, knowledgeable staff and great drinks. Quiet enough to have a conversation.

Madison Courtney — Google review

Such a great place, but get there early, or wait a while. It's cash only, but they have an a inside. The drinks are phenomenal. Been a couple times and have loved everything. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Denise Mitchell — Google review

My sister and mother were in town and this place has been on their list of places to check out. Ambiance was really cool and the lead up to the actual entrance was really cool as well. My chief complaint is that they are a cash only bar and this was not something we knew about before heading into the location. Can't knock them for it as there is an ATM inside but I will keep that in mind if I'm ever in the area again. Definitely a cool place to check out for a drink or two and try their curated menu.

Brian Fairchild (MorkaiTheWolf) — Google review

First thing is this place has an interesting entrance. The door is the only thing with the name and you will go downstairs to a room where you will knock to get in. Love the experience but had never been here so we were not sure we were going the correct way at first! Absolutely love the atmosphere! It is a cash only bar though, but they do have an ATM on site.

Michelle Smith — Google review

The best kept secret in KC. We love visiting here. Amazing staff. Incredibly unique co*cktails. Always worth the wait. Nothing like it in Kansas City! Cash only, but there is an ATM. Our favorite bar in Kansas City easily.

Megan Anderson — Google review

I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at this incredible speakeasy. The bar tender and server were both excellent and friendly. The dark atmosphere and easy going customers made the experience even more fun spotting all of the details in the decorations including the multiple instruments and instrument pieces. It was very clean and I can't wait to go back!

JD LOTR — Google review

Enjoyed my time here. Drinks were unique and very delicious. Highly recommended. Would return in a heartbeat.

Vince T — Google review

It's been a while since I was this impressed with a place! The co*cktail are well balanced and delicious. we tried several, and you can tell whoever curated the co*cktail list really loves their work. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the server was knowledgeable. Low key signs of queer involvement in the establishment and poc support make me very happy. Me and my partner felt extremely welcome and will definitely be back!*edit* they somehow impressed us even more by coming up with a weird concoction. I was inspired by another item on the menu. They took the idea ran with it and made a key lime lie co*cktail and it was spot on and the smile while they where creating it made me feel like they genuinely love their craft and have fun with it I'm beyond impressed

JJ — Google review

Unquestionably the best co*cktail bar in KC. Even if the drink isn't everything you love, it's crafted with such artistry that it will be unique and interesting until you order another. 15$ a drink and worth every penny - even regular old classics.Wish that there was a little more room/anything for the waiting area, but rest assured - if you wait and get a seat, it's worth it.

John Foley — Google review

The best co*cktails I’ve ever had - I mean that literally not just as a nice compliment. Their tonics and shrubs are made in house, and the ingredients they put together make for some amazing flavors!

Kim R — Google review

What a beautiful, unforgettable experience. A true speakeasy both in its location and atmosphere, this bar will not disappoint. It exceeded our expectations in every way (and we came to Kansas City specifically *for* this bar, so we had some pretty high expectations!). The co*cktails are for a sophisticated, discerning palate. I’ve seen some reviews that call the drinks “nothing special,” and I suspect this is because they were looking for something more predictable or heavy handed. If you’re looking for sweet, everyday, crowd-pleasing flavours, this is probably not the bar for you. If you want a co*cktail that tells you a story, though, I cannot recommend Swordfish Toms enough. The Resurrection Lilly was a lesson in subtle, narrative co*cktailing (velvety, creamy, floral, and tangy all at once), and be sure to end your night with Heaven Bourbon and Earth, which is a multi-layered Manhattan riff containing mushroom syrup (!). Gorgeous. The bartender was wonderful and sweet. Simone was a true gem. We’ll be coming back here as soon as possible.

Sam T — Google review

210 W 19 Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA

7Tom's Town Distilling Co.

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (55)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (56)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (57)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (58)


(893)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (59)


(413)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (60)

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Food & Drink


co*cktail bar

Tom's Town Distilling Co. is an Art Deco lounge located in the Crossroads area of Kansas City, paying homage to the city's scandalous past during Prohibition. The distillery features a stunning tasting room with tufted leather, pressed tin, and a handmade walnut bar. It also includes a top-of-the-line production area, basem*nt barrel room, and airy loft-style event space.

I love the stories behind the naming of distilleries. Tom’s Town Distillery is a throwback to times of old when Boss Tom ran KC and the people indeed were thirsty. This small, but well-appointed distillery offers tours, space for private events, and a classy bar that whips up amazing co*cktails using their spirits. I’m partial to the Double Oaked Bourbon, so I bought a few bottles. Cheers!

Jason San Souci — Google review

Super distillery tour. Excellent service. And the bartender made the absolute best drink I've ever had. They have the downstairs set up for Halloween right now, it is called The Cloven Hoof. Had a drink and dinner there after the tour then moved upstairs for dessert. I absolutely recommend this place if you have the chance to go. Loved it!!

Rose Hewitt — Google review

Outstanding first experience here. Immediately loved the atmosphere which I could see being even better at night. We snacked on some fries during our long wait at a nearby restaurant. They were tasty and the rest of the food on the menu looks great so I can't wait to try*cktail was AMAZING. I got one that was bourbon based and it had ingredients I haven't had with that before and it seems like they really know what they're doing (my wife loved hers as well). Friendly attentive staff on top of everything and I imagine we'll be back soon.

Aaron Schneider — Google review

Queer Bar Takeover chooses a traditionally straight bar and takes it over on the second Saturday of each month; this month we went back to Kansas City's Prohibition era at Tom's Town Distillery. The swanky atmosphere was perfect for a good conversation downstairs and our dance party upstairs. The house created drinks were fantastic, and the staff was wonderful to work with. Thank you to Tom's Town for working with us to create a more inclusive KC.

Queer Bar Takeover — Google review

If you are thinking of having your wedding or event at Tom's Town do it!My wedding was 10/29/22 in the Rickenbacker Room. I got so many compliments about how beautiful the space was! It has an open concept with windows throughout overlooking the city with beautiful exposed bricks and art deco vibes. The space was perfect for our 75 guests seated. We also had extra space for co*cktail tables and a small seated area!The event coordinator, Britney, was FABULOUS! I was one of the events that started with the old coordinator that wasn't as good but once Britney took over all my stress about the event disappeared. She listened to our wants and gave out wonderful advice. Also, the staff at Tom's Town is the best out there. Matty and the rest of the bartenders were FANTASTIC! You can tell they enjoy their jobs which gave out the best energy to my guests. We can't wait to enjoy our anniversaries and just date nights at Tom's Town because they really do have excellent co*cktails!

Desiree Ridder — Google review

We did a distillery tour here on Saturday and we had a fantastic time - highly recommend! It was informative and fun, mixed with a cool video from the current owners (what a hoot).We toured all 3 floors, did the tasting (1 vodka, 2 gins and 2 burbons). Such a smooth vodka! We enjoyed everything so much that we stuck around after the tour and had some snacks, breakfast hash for him and truffles for me.Our waitress, Josie, was attentive and kind. What a gem of a place and I hope more people stop in and experience this!

Daydreanne Loftis — Google review

Elise at Toms Town was amazing. She gave a great tour and the tasting with her was so fun. She has us addicted to the double oak Bourbon!If you do not drink bourbon, you can still enjoy the tour. Loved looking around and enjoyed the video of all the history that this distillery has. The food was an added bonus!

Tawn Anderson — Google review

First time visiting Tom's Town Distilling Co. Definitely check it out during the holidays as everything is decorated oh so pretty! This place utilizes all the floors for different operations (distilling, merch, event space, etc.) We got to take a peek at the distillery operations & learned more about the history of prohibition here in KC from the head distiller, Brian Harper. If you love history and you love booze, this is the place for you. I don't drink alcohol & was able to fully enjoy my time here.

Aubrey Anderson — Google review

Toms Town is a KC staple.Their rotating themed pop-ups are always the best. My partner and I recently checked out Toms Tropicana and had the best time. Great drinks and a fun, viby atmosphere. Check it out!

Madison Courtney — Google review

The co*cktails were delicious, I had the angry goat and my friend had something with strawberry habanero and both tasted really refreshing. We enjoyed their cheese and veggie flatbread as well. The interior is so pretty with the high ceilings and leather sofa in the middle, feels ritzy.

Shiona Deliozar — Google review

Incredible experience. From the drinks and food to the service, we loved every bit of our lunch. The co*cktails were inventive and bold but not overpowering. The brussels sprouts, stuffed mushrooms, and flatbread were all delicious as well. Will definitely make a point to come back and book a tasting tour on our next visit.

Scott Sulik — Google review

I cannot say enough good things about Tom’s Town! Definitely the best drinks in Kansas City. Perfect for an intimate night out. If you are visiting KC, you absolutely HAVE to go here! The downstairs speakeasy style themed bar is (in my opinion) the best place to sit in Tom’s Town, but make a reservation!!! It’s so cute and they do themes so well! This place will always be a staple to my husband and I! They don’t make a bad drink, but Angry Goat is the GOAT😉 (if you like a little spice in your drinks)

Liz M — Google review

This place was a whole vibe during the holiday time with how cute it was decorated. They had unique signature drinks.Note: It is a small place so can fill quickly. Our waiter was super friendly and nice with breaking down the menu and drinks.Would like to go back to try some of their other drinks. I’m sure the food is good but was just there for the drinks along our bar hopping tour.Highly recommend though.

Tam Henders — Google review

Best Christmas bar in Kansas City! The downstairs speakeasy is out of this world and the upstairs holiday vibes are immaculate. Food can’t be beat either. Didn’t know their dinner menu was so good. Get the burger or fried chicken sandwich. Stuffed mushrooms are great as well.

Phillip Wolff — Google review

I’ve been to Tom’s Town before and have always had a great time! People are friendly, the drinks are great, and the ambiance is swell. So, we decided to get a gift package from Tom’s Town to give to our family in Atlanta for Christmas. We got the double mini bourbon bottles with the shot glass in the middle. So we bought it and decided to check it out. To our disappointment, the bottles’ labeling was done very poorly. The labels were peeling on the edges, and the seal was burnt and uneven. It is hardly a good gift to give to anyone, especially when trying to represent Tom’s Town to people from out of town. I love Tom’s Town, but their bottling line may need more training.

Mijail Corimanya — Google review

Our tour guide did an excellent job explaining the history of Tom Pendergast, the production process for the Tom’s Town products, and led us through tasting five products. There was great energy and we had a blast!

Deb Turner — Google review

If you want something that is authentic Kansas City, you have to try Tom’s town! The co*cktails here are some of the best I’ve ever had. Tony helped us out and is amazing!

Joshua Bodner — Google review

1701 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA…

(816) 541-2400

8The Kill Devil Club

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (61)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (62)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (63)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (64)


(75)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (65)


(252)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (66)

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co*cktail bar

Live music venue


This co*cktail bar is known for its live music and small plates, as well as its co*cktails. The club has a 'clubby' feel and a variety of talented piano performers can be seen performing here.

Visited this bar for a work corporate event during the week. It has incredible ambiance. The food and drinks were outstanding. Great friendly staff.

Stan Georgakopoulos — Google review

First time visit , and it was just ok. The place is nice and the staff was freindly. The drinks are expensive for what you get, and the sliders we got were good, but again, expensive for what you get. They were out of the drinks we initially wanted and the "live music" of the night was dj domensha, aka just pushing the play button on his laptop. On a Saturday night, we were 2 of about 10 people in there.Maybe on a different night, with live music, it would have been a little better.

Noah Kercheval — Google review

Really nice venue for an intimate gathering or a relatively small crowd. I was there with a few hundred which felt crowded, but the staff and site handled it well with adjoining space.

Dale Loberger — Google review

Really nice place to rent I don't like that you can't bring in outside catering

David Roberson — Google review

Just learned that this place is no longer a bar but just an event space to be utilized at times for corporate events, weddings, etc. A real bummer as it was one of the best bars with genuine good co*cktails in P&L. The 2 stars is for their Google info still showing it as a bar and our group wasting time to drive down there

Vince Hamilton — Google review

Looks great. I was there for the Rotary meeting, so I can't say much about food or drinks...

Jason Frank — Google review

Attended a corporate sponsored event, great food, good service at the bar, very spacious.

Matt Treasure — Google review

Amazing establishment! It’s been 4 years since I had step foot in this place, and wow! Amazing co*cktails and I’ve tried most of Kansas City’s finest establishments for co*cktails. The Kill Devil Club has a fantastic ambiance, service and live talent! Would recommend to anyone!

Juan Corona — Google review

31 E 14th St, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA 674-4137

9Johnny’s Tavern P&L

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (67)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (68)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (69)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (70)


(1330)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (71)


(94)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (72)

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Sports bar


co*cktail bar


Johnny's Tavern is a popular sports bar in the Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City. Locals come to drink cold beer and watch sport on big screens. The bar has been a mecca for rugby players and soccer fans since it opened, and it continues to be a go-to spot for spectators of Royals playoff games and the World Cup.

It was really busy when we were there, but the server was friendly. We each got a different burger and they were both delicious! Fries were also nice and crisp and the onion rings were really good. They have a ring and fry combo as a side that hit the spot!

Autumn Mollet — Google review

I used door dash and for the 2nd they have screwed up my order. I get French dip and they forgot the au jus both times. How’s that possible with that sandwich. They don’t care about door dash orders cuz no one gonna come for replacement.

Heather McGilchrist — Google review

I had the Mac n cheese with added grilled chicken, it was amazing!! We ended up ordering from them again and I had the ESPI-NACHOS to go, they actually put all the topping in separate containers so the chips don't get soggy on their way home. They were soooo good!

Heather Pertzborn — Google review

Drinks and friendliness was better than most bar's in area. Had the fried pickles and jalapeños. Very salty. Wish I would have gotten the off menu pork and beef sandwich, looked good!

Mathew Wagner — Google review

Best Place To Pretty Much Get Everything You Want Fresh & Delicious On The Menu But My Favorite All Time & Pick Would Definitely Be The Firecraker Tacos💯 Yas Sir The Ingredients They Put On Them Are Amazing And Their Special Sauce Absolutely Wonderful And Delicious🤸❤️🇩🇴🌺🙌🏽

Gitana Shaw — Google review

We were looking for a late snack during our stay in the power and light district. We were lucky to come across this place that was open, and not terribly busy. The good was surprisingly good for being in a touristy area. We had the pizza and some wings, very economical as well.

Mr G — Google review

We loved it!! First time visiting, great service (thank you Alira, I’m sure I spelled that wrong)! She was so nice, helpful with the area and food!Only place around opened at 11am, cold beer and food was great!

CHCR — Google review

We went here to watch the St. Louis City SC play Sporting KC. We were visiting from St. Louis and online it was supposed to be a good soccer bar. We were very disappointed! I understand they dont have a good team, but the game was only on 2 of the smallest tvs out of 50 something tvs. No one was rooting for their team, no one acknowledged us wearing another teams gear! I wanted a little confrontation! I was hoping for some passionate fans. We got none of that! If you're there, dont go there for a good time. it's just a plain old sports bar. They seem to enjoy the NBA more.

Eric Wenzara — Google review

Listen…we tried. It’s a neat place & maybe they were just off their game and our server (Maricela) was just having a bad night but she hardly helped, or came to the table or even wanted to be there & when asked if we had questions, God forbid I actually did ask about a size of a side wedge salad vs whole. Even after bringing it out I thought it was big, when she came to pick up our food she assured me it was a side. Guess side and full are same price because we were definitely charged for a full. Whatever. Oh also I understand flys and bugs happen, especially in salads but imagine my shock when I saw a little fly on the very top of one of the wedges (I didn’t even touch until I turned the plate to give to her, because again such a big salad). Gross. I was like Oo maybe mention to kitchen staff to just be extra careful next time. Didn’t ask for money back, but you’d think she’d change it. Especially after then seeing it was the wrong thing to begin with. Really frustrated me.Fries were also cold.I tried. & I hate leaving bad reviews but like, they gotta know to fix things….🤷‍♀️ & no one here currently seems to care.Let me add, we were nice the whole way through even after standing there at the door for awhile at hostess station only to finally ask if we just seat ourselves. Getting our drinks mixed up & no silverware at first.Fun times. Don’t be back

Amanda Castloo — Google review

Popped in group of 7 for a quick app and drink around 2 pm on a Saturday. Bar 12 was going on but still found a tall top to grab. Shared a pretzel app ( 2 with queso and mustard ) and a buffalo chicken dip. Had some mistletoe margaritas as well. Got there 2 left at 2:45 so real short stay. Crowded but still able to talk. Lots of games to watch on every tv. Food was OK, not great. Pretzels were dry, queso wasn’t fresh and just strait mustard from a bottle was in the other cup. Chicken buffalo dip had some large chunks of chicken and wasn’t my favorite. Drinks tasted like fruit juice personally but had a bunch of things making up this particular drink. Good place for a fun stop with a group and to catch a game.

Jen Benningfield — Google review

The crowd is pretty diverse. I imagine it's related to what events are going on at the t mobile center. Tonight, the crowd is mixed. The service is good and it's not too busy. This is a really popular spot, so it can get a little crazy around here. Bar service gets an A, and the drinks are tasty, too. The price is good. Depending on the venue, I'd come back.

Kenneth Lain — Google review

This place was packed but we were able to find a table. It took a sec to get our server to return to our table after dropping off our drinks but once we ordered the food came out so fast! We ordered the wrap, burnt ends, and wings which were not crispy but juicy and flavorful! and the skillet cookies. Everything was delicious! We will definitely be back!

Thanya Jerez — Google review

waitress disappeared, and it wasn't even busy. Still left a $20 tip. grateful for a place serving food after midnight, but service is subpar. No splash of co*ke in long island icetea. It was very pale

trucking in heels — Google review

Just amazing, I know it just looks like a sports pub but it was busy both times we went. One of us being a celiac was a little worried about contamination but the communication between our server and the kitchen was impeccable. Food was great, service was fast a friendly. It is first come first serve so might have to wait depending when you arrive.

Eric G — Google review

Was in KC visiting from Texas for a birthday and stopped in here to grab a bite after checking out area. It took about ten minutes before we were ever acknowledged, the bartender then very flippantly handed us menus and then once we ordered, she brought the food to us and never checked on us again. She spent the majority of her time sharing chicken strips and laughing with some guys that were sitting a few seats down from us. We had to flag her down to even pay and her disposition indicated to us that we’d clearly interrupted her social time and she wasn’t happy about it. Literally every other place we visited in KC was wonderful with this place being the exception.

Dex Crittenden — Google review

1310 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA 268-2260

10Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (73)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (74)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (75)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (76)


(960)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (77)


(88)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (78)

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Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room is a high-end American restaurant in the Crossroads with two concepts: a 18 seat Tasting Room with an intricate 10-course menu, and a 70-seat Supper Club with more relaxed A la carte shares plates. There's live music nightly in both venues.

One of my favorite restaurants in KC so far. Their happy hour is fantastic - 25% off the entire menu except certain bottles of wine, I believe. Service is exceptional. My favorite dishes: Steak tartare (tasted like a cheeseburger), seaweed donuts, gnocchi bolognese, crispy ribs and my husband loved their burger. I don’t think I would get the oysters again. There were other tastier items available.Only complaint I have is I wish they would have brought 1 plate out at a time vs multiple since it was just the 2 of us. You are asked to order everything at once so I felt a little bit rushed when the food started coming. Still 5 stars for me!

Katie Kobilarcsik — Google review

Great atmosphere - went on a Monday night and there’s live piano!Bar tender was super friendly and gave great/detailed menu recommendations! Can feel his love towards his job from the conversation.The crispy short rib is simply AMAZING! Crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. The salad + lime touch is brilliant, make it very refreshing!

Esther Chang — Google review

The dark modern interior creates a stylish and sophisticated ambiance that is truly captivating. The shareable menu offers a delightful array of dishes that are perfect for enjoying with friends and family. The co*cktails are another highlight, beautifully crafted and expertly mixed to tantalize your taste buds. But what truly sets Corvino apart is the outstanding service. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable, and genuinely passionate about providing a memorable dining experience.

Colt Roth — Google review

I had the pleasure of dining at Corvino in Kansas City before a concert at the T-Mobile Center, and it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The service was exceptional, a breath of fresh air in an industry where good customer service can sometimes be hard to find. It was truly a delight to be so well taken care of.The location was perfect for my evening plans, as it was just a short and pleasant walk to the concert venue. It was a great way to digest the glorious food I had just enjoyed at Corvino.I am a huge fan of steak tartare, and Corvino's version did not disappoint. The dish was like a full-blown sandwich experience, with the egg yolk adding a richness that complemented the steak perfectly. I also have to mention the home fries, which were surprisingly delightful. They were thick yet light and fluffy, and the smoked malt aioli dipping sauce was absolutely incredible.The salmon confit was another standout dish, tasting incredibly fresh, and the focaccia bread served with it was extraordinary. While the sourdough was good, it wasn't particularly remarkable. The XO fried rice had a wonderful char and crispiness to it that I thoroughly enjoyed.I always have to try any dish that features agnolotti, and the spinach & ricotta agnolotti did not disappoint. The ricotta cheese added a great burst of flavor. The rigatoni bolognese was solid, though not particularly unique.For dessert, the milk and cookie was a nice way to end the meal, though I wouldn't say it's a must-try.One thing that really added to the experience was the live music that played throughout our visit. It created a fun and lively atmosphere, making Corvino a great spot for a date night or a pre-show meal.Overall, Corvino was a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend. Whether you're looking for a great meal or just a place to enjoy some drinks and home fries, Corvino is sure to impress.

Jake Michnick — Google review

This was the most amazing dinning I have EVER experienced!!! This is the first time a waiter has asked me about my allergies and gave me recommendations around them. The atmosphere was great- live jazz and dark lighting with candles on every table. I cannot stress how amazing my waiter was, anyways keeping in check with us, very lovely. I don't often go to higher priced places so this might all be customary but this was my first time going to a place like this and I really cannot recommend it enough. Food was amazing as well!! I got the maitake mushrooms, extremely great. 💗

SweepyMellow — Google review

An amazing fusion cuisine! It is one of my favorite restaurant for dinner with a group of friends for food sharing as a family style! Live piano on Friday night.Must have for the first time dining here are oysters, seaweed donuts, fried chicken, crispy pork ribs and house fries. Menu may change a bit but the above items should be available.Please make a reservation in advance on the website. I reserved the seats online and it is easy todo.

Bee Charintorn — Google review

Had a very unique dining experience here, we went on a very chill day, around 4pm on a Thursday and had the place pretty much all to ourselves for a while which was really cool. I didn’t realize how spacious the restaurant was, there were so many seating areas.Their menu was a designed to be shareable and our server was very upfront about the size of the dishes so we knew beforehand that the serving sizes were relatively small. We ordered 5 plates which was a perfect amount of food for 2 people.We got to try the steak tartare, which tasted really fresh, I thought the application of the egg yolk piped on top was very artsy. We also liked how fresh the smoked beets dish was, it paired perfectly with the ricotta and sweet black grapes. The crispy pork ribs were cooked to perfection, it wasn’t saucy per se but you could taste the bold flavour of the fish sauce marinade in each bite.So on to our two favourite dishes of the night; the pumpkin agnolotti and the seaweed donuts. Both were quite the culinary experience and shouldn’t be skipped. The trout roe cream was so fun to enjoy with the funky slightly sweet donuts which were unbelievably pillowy soft. The pumpkin pasta was perfectly el dente and the miso butter pine cut combination made it an adventure. One con was that I did feel that $36 for a small bowl of pasta was very expensive. In fact, quite a few of the dishes were priced too high considering portion size but the quality made up for it.We were tempted to order a 6th plate for dessert but we were stuffed after the dining experience.

Shiona Deliozar — Google review

Reservation for 2! Reserved this fine dining restaurant while in Kansas City.There is a 2-part situation here and one can choose between the Supper Club and the Tasting Room. Pick if you want to be fancy or "supper" fancy.I decided to choose the option best suitable for a vegetarian and meat-eater.The dining atmosphere was low-lit and created for the romantic in me. Love the them as I have researched that this has been rated a top restaurant. A distinction not many received in the industry.Lovely time. I didn't capture every moment nor every dish but hands down the truffle spaghetti was wonderful. Light portions, but enough when you literally want to try everything. Brazino received an A+ and such. For the dining experience, it all made sense.Lastly, dessert was worth the greed. Definitely pushed my stomach muscles to the limit, but what's life without experience.If you have a special someone and want to do something different while in Kansas City, step your cookies up and reserve a table at Corvino.

Mekia B. — Google review

My date and I had been looking to dine at Corvino for some time and it did not disappoint. There was live music (a pianist and a bassist) which we thoroughly enjoyed and the service was excellent, but we definitely came and will return for the food.We had the seaweed donuts with trout roe, slightly salty and sweet, overall amazing. The cabbage and sticky ribs were also standouts, and the pasta was clearly delicately made by hand. Thank you Corvino and family for creating an amazing dining experience and excellence in taste.

Kelsey Akee — Google review

We had such high hopes for Corvino. I seldom, if ever, write a negative review. We love our food and heard wonderful things about Corvino Supper Club. While the steak tartare with caviar and donuts were divine, the service was horrendous. If we are going to spend $300-400… you better believe we expect the service to align. The other food was good, but we were so distracted by the bad server, it over shadowed the food. To summarize: we waited 45 minutes past our reservation, waited 15 min to meet our server, 20 minutes for a BOTTLE of wine, had no silverware, they originally forgot the caviar (Boujee, but I am sorry, dont make us ask twice, it was a splurge we questioned to begin with and almost said no to), and I could elaborate more, but you get the point. There was no real apology, extra perk or refund on anything. We all had worked as servers before, we get it is a trying time in the restaurant world , but we are very hesitant to ever return. I wish them the best. The quality of food was fabulous, but the other areas need a wake up call. I hope Corvino can rebuild and find success.

Megan Anderson — Google review

We had a wonderful dinner experience at the Supper Club with friends. The bill was steep, but we knew what we were signing up for, and it was worth every penny. There was an excellent pianist and the service was top notch.You absolutely must get the fried chicken. You won't be disappointed.

Regan Bourland — Google review

I had a rather unusual and disappointing dining experience at Corvino restaurant in Kansas City. I decided to call Corvino after hearing about the James Beard awards, as I was tired of the corporate food at my hotel. The staff at Corvino were extremely nice, but when I explained my fluid reservation situation, they informed me that there would be no refunds for reservations, to which I agreed.We had initially booked a table for four for a tasting experience, but only three of us showed up. I called to explain the situation and didn't request a refund. Instead, I suggested that they could serve three extra tasting dishes for each of us, totaling nine, which is equivalent to the ten courses we would have paid for anyway. However, they declined this request, stating that they only serve those present at the table. This left me a bit taken aback; it seemed like they were going to charge us without serving the food for that 4th person.I've dined at many high-end restaurants, including an experience in France where I ordered two main courses without any issue. The basic understanding is that if you're paying, you should receive what you've paid for. Unfortunately, this was not the concept at Corvino; here, paying didn't guarantee that you would actually receive your meal.When we arrived, the other members of our table raised the same issue, questioning why we were being charged without being served the food. Our waiter seemed confused and uncomfortable, saying he couldn't do anything about it. Eventually, another staff member came over and presented a compromise. They offered to increase the portion size of some of our tasting dishes and also poured us more wine. While this solution seemed acceptable to me, some members of our group noticed that the portions were similar to those served at other tables.In the end, this experience left me with a sense of distrust, which is a shame. In today's dining landscape, $150 for a tasting menu is a good deal, and even $200 would have been ok. However, when a restaurant's actions undermine the dining experience, the value proposition starts to diminish.Regarding the food itself, the menu featured elements of Molecular Gastronomy and definitely the Chef used Sous Vide cooking techniques. We all agreed that the caviar with pistachio cream was the standout dish. However, the dessert at the end was a bit underwhelming. Many restaurants are adopting a savory style for desserts, but I'm a bit old school and prefer sugar in my sweets.The service was very professional, and even though I strongly disagree with their policy of charging for no food, I must say that the staff executed the experience well for the 3 guests on the table. My recommendation for diners would be to approach this restaurant with caution, especially if you're not a local. As for the restaurant itself, I would suggest reconsidering their policies.

Felipe Allegro — Google review

I wanted to like it…the vibe is cool but the service is, at best, subpar. My first experience was about a year ago - I ordered a salmon dish and nothing on the menu indicated that it was not fully cooked, nor was that fact mentioned by the server when I ordered. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed when the salmon came out rare. I was pregnant at the time and couldn’t eat undercooked fish. I conveyed my dilemma to the server and the response was that it is how it was supposed to be prepared - no offer to replace my entree or cook it to a temperature that was safe for me to eat. The server did make (an unusual) offer for a free dessert, which I suppose is better than nothing, but I was there to have a proper dinner, not dessert. After that experience, I reached out to the restaurant to suggest that they update the menu to reflect when a dish isn’t fully cooked. The response I received was that they would put a $25 credit “on my account” - again, not what I was shooting for, but I suppose it was something to address the situation. I will point out that the salmon I ordered though was more than the credit they offered to remedy the situation.Fast forward to last weekend. We bought last minute tickets to a show downtown and needed somewhere we could walk in for dinner. We were able to snag a seat at the bar, but again, the service was just so disappointing for what this place is supposed to be. It took over 5 minutes for anyone to acknowledge us, despite several staff members standing behind the bar. After a bartender finally took our order, he never returned. My experience in the service industry is that you should always check in with your guests after they receive their food to ensure everything is how they wanted it to be. For instance, I was told they could sub a mushroom patty on the cheeseburger, but it came out without cheese. It would have been nice if our bartender had at least stopped by one time during our meal rather than talking to another staff member at the other end of the bar the whole time. And of course, no such “credit” was found on our account from the prior dining experience.Another interesting note - there is a parking garage for the building that is located across the street, but I was told they only validate parking for their tasting room guests. Why??? It’s almost like they want their guests to feel “less than.”In sum, if you want a dining experience where you feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied, this is your place. Personally, I’ll take the $80 I spent on two drinks, two burgers, and a side of fries, and go elsewhere.

C R — Google review

Incredible. Best meal I've had in awhile. So unique, everything you get will blow your mind. The ribeye was so tender and juicy. Perfection. This is a must go in KC. We went in and just grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered all of our entrees with the bartender. The live music addition just perfects the atmosphere!

Mikala Gardner — Google review

co*cktails were fabulous. Staff was kind and helpful. Piano music was nice but hard to hear over the noise of all the people talking. We only had drinks. Before tip our total was $66 for 4 drinks. Overall, lovely experience!

KcMissy — Google review

Enjoyed every bite here! The vibe was great, the service was perfect and every dish was delicious! The fried chicken might have been the best I've had, but the seaweed donuts are a must too!

Amber Peterson — Google review

Great meal and live music on a Monday. Definitely a must if visiting KC. Our server was very attentive.

Eric M — Google review

We dined in the tasting room for V day. Our second experience here. Again the dishes and bites were incredible overall! We loved the “snacks” - especially the oyster. The only reason for four stars was the slow drink service. We ordered off the menu. We wanted red wine to go with the final main course but it came after. We ordered coffee to go with our dessert, but we were done before it ever came.

Amanda Horne — Google review

1830 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA 832-4564

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The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (79)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (80)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (81)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (82)

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The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (84)

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11Teocali Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (86)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (87)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (88)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (89)


(1146)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (90)


(72)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (91)

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Mexican restaurant

Latin American restaurant

Teocali Mexican Restaurant & Cantina is a great place to enjoy delicious Mexican food from scratch, as well as a large selection of tequila. There are plenty of outdoor seating options, including an impressive rooftop patio, and the restaurant is located in the Longfellow neighborhood.

This place has the absolute BEST steak tacos I have ever had! I can't believe I never knew about it. Staff was friendly, quick, and I have zero complaints. Absolute must for anyone that loves tacos.

Sammy Hughes — Google review

Restaurant offers 3 levels for dining & drinking, an amazing view of the city from the rooftop bar, & a variety of live music & events.They have a large menu & something for everyone. They also do catering & private events. It's a staple in my friend group for sure! 🌮🍹

Melissa Dusenbery — Google review

Love this place so much! Hadn't been there in a while and was glad to know they survived COVID. It was great being there again! I had forgotten how awesome the food is! The staff is also truly amazing and handled our party of 10 with ease!

Sabrina McClain — Google review

I stumbled on Teocali on accident during a business event (tires for Leo). I was able to visit with Enrique briefly who shared they have been there for 15 years and the quality the offer. I was able to return with the wife a few days later and sample the menu. I had the Burrito Ranchero and it was fantastic! The atmosphere (outside dining, both covered and open air available) was amazing and everyone one of the staff we met were prompt and friendly. Service was speedy and the meal was fresh and delicious, absolutely will return! Thank you for welcoming us and the A+ customer service!

ScroatBagGarage — Google review

The food was great the atmosphere was alright clean and well kept not busy for a Saturday afternoon the service was slow waited for long period of time for our order to be taken and for our food to be brought out although there was literally only one table before us HATE that you have to scan a barcode to see the full menu i like the paper or hard cover menus no scanning codes for me its annoying tbh the food was the only good thing and the alcohol drinks thats it

ana lopez — Google review

Amazing. Hands down my favorite restaurant. Stopped by for my first time to pick up some food for my dad in the hospital. Food was absolutely amazing, hot and fresh, the servers were very kind and helpful as well :). I will definitely be coming back

Alex Anderson — Google review

Pretty good food! Nice patio, good drinks selection. The chicken flautas are where it's at. And if you like spicy stuff the Diablo Shrimp is not joking around! They also have a nice spicy salsa.

Anne Mauldin — Google review

First time there was told they served food late but not there 15min.before closing which we all know that I don't do that ,...I was rushed to order but it was understandable, food came it was great to my surprise with them closing and all,service not so much..loved the roof top view...salsa had a little kick to it

Easy E — Google review

Totally delicious with great service. I asked our server for a recommendation and she suggested a chicken flauta nortenas(I think) with some dope yellow crema.All the sides like, guac, pico, rice, beans, chips and salsa were on point. Went for lunch this time but will def be back for dinner as the bar looks fun and I gotta try the diablo sauce next time.

Gianni Cavicchi — Google review

I was craving some tacos, I decided to give it a try. The carne asada tacos were absolutely delicious, with perfectly seasoned meat and fresh toppings! The chips and salsa were also excellent, and the margaritas were refreshing.The service was friendly and attentive, making for a pleasant dining experience. Teocali Mexican Restaurant & Cantina is a fantastic spot for authentic Mexican cuisine.

Hector Sanchez — Google review

Teocali has been added to my list of top Mexican restaurants in KC to visit! The guacamole is incredibly fresh as well as with the house-made salsa. If you are fan of light chips, this is the spot to visit. Along with fresh dips, the margaritas pack a PUNCH! Teocali offers a very affordable lunch menu. If you work in the area, make sure to pop in for a tasty lunch! Top items to order: the chimichanga plate and the tamales plate. Add this spot to your KC restaurant bucket list today!

Through Becs Specs — Google review

My review is based purely on someone from Chicago and rating the quality of food/taste in comparison to Chicago Mexican restaurants. Localites may find the food ok.We are vegetarians and ordered enchiladas. Though the taste was just ok, the way it was prep wasn't that great. The dish had way too much Rojas sauce and was very runny. The enchiladas were just swimming in the Rojas sauce. So didn't enjoy it much after the first few bites when we were super hungry.On the plus side, service was relatively quick and staff were friendly. I liked the concept of a closed terrace seating which is pretty cool. Chips and salsa were good and freshNot sure if we would visit again.When we went, the first floor was closed off so have to climb stairs so keep that in mind

Ganesh Kumar — Google review

The food is mediocre that's why you don't see Hispanic people eating there. Also please do not tip on takeout orders. The restaurant illegally steals these credit card tips from the servers. They also tell servers to take chip and salsa orders without telling the customer they charge for that. *Update* the owner has threatened to sue me with defamation. However my review still stands because my point of view is true. A long time server, when I asked about a credit card tip on a takeout order, said those tips do not go to servers they go to the house. I said ok so they're stolen? She didn't respond. Servers take the phone orders and pack the orders and aren't paid for it not receive the tips sometimes on them.

Lissandra Dawson — Google review

The food was excellent. The service was wonderful. I am from the Southwest, and my husband is half step Mexican, and we are very picky about our Mexican food. Their salsa is very good, The server Mary was very attentive, and never let our drinks go empty. The cost is average for eating out in these times of inflation.

Sharon Maddox — Google review

One of my favorite restaurants in KC! We were the only people in there at the time and the girl who was our server was the absolute best. I wish I caught her name because she was the absolute nicest server I’ve had anywhere in a long time, but I didn’t unfortunately. Aside from that, the food here is always to die for and some of the best Mexican you can get in the area! I cannot recommend this place enough!

Elijah Russell — Google review

2512 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA 221-4749


The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (92)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (93)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (94)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (95)


(941)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (96)


(24)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (97)

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Sports bar

Bar & grill

Barbecue restaurant


Streetcar Grille & Tavern is a popular sports bar in Kansas City that offers delicious food and drinks, along with plenty of screens to watch your favorite games. The restaurant has a large menu that includes some of the best Sunday brunch items in the area, as well as burgers and tacos on Tuesdays and wine Wednesdays. Get ready for it to be busy because this place is always filled with people looking for a good time!

One of my favorite places to go for brunch! Their menu is simple but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried from there. The bottomless mimosas are always a plus. They have a lot of tvs and there’s always a game on, so usually the restaurant is pretty busy. We always get a reservation and they do great about seating us right on time. The waitresses are so friendly and have excellent service.

Sydney Guinn — Google review

I won't be backSo my experience was very peculiar, I came in by myself so I wanted to sit at the bar, I walked up and asked the bartender if I could sit at a chair where someone had already signed a check but he never answered ( I asked twice) server waiting for drinks cleared up the spot for me. It took me about 12-15 for the other bartender to realize I was there and ask me if I wanted to drink, I asked for a co*ke and she asked, "Oh, so you're just eating?" To which I answered yes and asked for a menu, she proceeds to instruct me to use my camera and point it at the thingy because we don't have menus. I finally get to order when a couple sits next to me, and this is where things get interesting!I know it's been long, but bear with me and you'll understand. Within 2 minutes, the bartender that didn't answer me greets them and asks them what they would like to drink. They ordered drinks and asked the same question I did. "Can we have some menus?" This guy must me some type of magician because he whipped two menus from his money maker! The same menu I was told to scan the QR code because we don't have menus. Meanwhile, I'm finishing up my food, and to my better judgment, i asked for dessert... it made it there, but no spoon! The lady next to me felt so bad that she offered me her silverware, in her words, "Here so you wouldn't just stare at it."I'm Hispanic, and I strongly believe that the terrible experience i had was because of it. It's sad to say but that's why I went into so much detail. Please look at my receipt so you can view the recordings.

Frank Gold — Google review

It was a busy night since it was St. Patrick's day, so part of the service issue I'm sure was due to that. There also seemed to only be two waitresses to help the whole restaurant. They were hustling! We waited a very long time to order and it took until we got our food for our drinks to show up at our table. Drinks were pretty good but we only had one due to the wait. My husband really liked his meal, I had the BBQ mac and cheese which was a bit overwhelming for me with the amount of sauce but the mac and cheese itself was absolutely delicious!! I would be willing to stop in again if ever back in town.

Autumn Mollet — Google review

Get the stuffed Gouda tots!!! You won’t be disappointed! The shrimp Poboy was just ok. Good chili sauce but shrimp was a little overcooked. The horseradish- cheddar chive roast beef is delicious!! Service was good . No issues.

Michael Moore — Google review

Bar tender was really great suggesting good food options. I got the firecracker salmon and it was great. He also made me a very good margarita!

Jill Conlin — Google review

So this place is delicious! Bottomless mimosas, excellent service, great atmosphere, aaannnddd I’m kind of an eggs Benedict snob …. This was perfectly cooked, how a poached egg should be, fantastic hollandaise sauce. The only thing I would change is the temperature of the side of hollandaise sauce was a little cold, and I would have liked to have a sharper cutting knife then the butter knifed to cut my food. All in all top notch!

Sarah Rose — Google review

Gouda Tater Tots were good, onion basket was ok, my friend ordered the steak frites medium it came to the table well done. Service was horrible and it was a Wednesday night I would hate to see it on the weekend, took at least 45 minutes to get our food which once again wasn't worth waiting 45 minutes for. The only reason I would go back to the streetcar Grill and tavern would be for the Gouda Tater Tots.

Tyler Ray — Google review

A great place to get a large, meaty tavern burger. I also really enjoy their sandwichs, and they are large enough to take half home for dinner. The wait time can feel long, but they do take to-go orders on their website when in a rush. I highly recommend their Streetcar Burger and Conductors Club sandwich if you have a long lunch hour, or come for dinner.

Andrea Leimer — Google review

Our waitress was so knowledgeable and helpful. She went above and beyond. Food and drinks were excellent. I'd go back in a heartbeat. ❤️

Hilary Lehr — Google review

Great place! The food was amazing, was there for brunch and had the stuffed French toast, my husband had the eggs Benedict. The gouda stuffed tots appetizer was also super good. The staff was very nice and accommodating, I can't wait to come back!

Kayla Everhart — Google review

Asked to leave 50 minutes after being seated!! Had a reservation for 2 at 5:45. Booth was waiting for us when we arrived a couple minutes early. We ordered drinks and burgers which were great. Had another drink, finished that and I went to the restroom. Came back to an empty table. My wife had been asked to leave to make room for the next party. We haven’t been this rushed in a very long time. All the tables around us were seated before us and still enjoying themselves as we were ushered out.

Chuck Haber — Google review

I was today years old when I found out this place existed. I had the KC Cheesesteak and baby, they didn't hold back. The brisket and burnt ends were fabulous. Will be eating here again.

She Walker — Google review

Really good KC strip steak with baked potato. Will be back to try their yummy looking burgers for their Monday $6 special. The dining area inside is huge but I liked sitting outside watching the streetcar go by, as per the name. The service was pretty good too.

Shiona Deliozar — Google review

Streetcar Grille & Tavern is a great spot to grab food and drinks in downtown KC (right near the Crossroads district). We visited for brunch and ordered the bottomless mimosas. Our table also started with two sides: the onion straws and the pickle chips. I'm a huge fan of fried pickle chips and this spot nailed it! I ordered the breakfast skillet for my entree. The skillet was stacked with potatoes, gravy, eggs, and bacon. I left completely full! From tenders to burgers to salads and more, there is plenty to chose from and order at Streetcar Grille & Tavern.The service was great and the food came out quick. You are also in walking distance if several shops to pop into while downtown. Check this spot out today!

Through Becs Specs — Google review

Got waters and the server never came back. Other servers looked at us and no one asked if we needed anything. Definitely won't be back. Sucks because it's my husband's birthday and he wanted to try this place. Waited 30min after getting waters and nobody followed up with us so we left.

Valerie Callaway — Google review

Started with this delicious drink and had intentions of taking pictures, well that drink came and everyone showed up and the food started coming the company was amazing and the atmosphere was everything, we was having sick a great time forgot to take the other pictures

Heather Vitatoe — Google review

1580 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA 216-6187

13Taps on Main

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (98)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (99)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (100)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (101)


(1030)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (102)


(22)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (103)

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Bar & grill

American restaurant

Beer hall

The taproom at Taps on Main offers 40 rotating taps of craft beer to sample. You can also order food from the bar, including burgers, sandwiches, and mac and cheese. The self-serve draft beer is a big draw here, as is the live music Friday nights.

Cool Brewery with a hugeeeee selection!! So many craft beers!! You pour it yourself and trade a debit card for a pour card. I didn't get to try their food but it looked delicious!! They appear to have live music every Friday so that's pretty sweet!! 5 stars in my book!! 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

Bongo Pablo — Google review

This place has pour your own beer taps, which I would definitely recommend! Even though I didn’t do it, my friends did! They got their own little card to swipe to get beer! It's cheap to do and great for sampling a wide range of beers. When we did go to the bar, our bar tender was easy to chat with and she was fast with service. Clean place and wide range of drinks!!! I loved their margs!!!! I got lucky on parking lol it was literally in front of the business and I didn’t have to pay WOHOO!!

Danni Villafain — Google review

Very mediocre I'm my opinion, food menu is pretty limited, my burger was pretty bland and there were not alot of options in the burger department. The service was good though. The main reason people go is for the pour your own beers which is a neat gimmick at first but quickly wears off. All in all its just okay I probably would not go again though

logan grigsby — Google review

This place is awesome. Got some amazing chicken tenders here and a delicious Mac and cheese. Liked it so much I came back another day and got a cheeseburger. I love everything about this place. It's reasonably priced, and has great food and an even better selection of different drinks. You get to choose the amount of drink you get, and prices are shown on the taps.

Aneel Maan — Google review

Pros:+friendly and helpful staff!+food is really good!!+wide drink selection!!!+plenty of space & outdoor area!!!!+sports (if you're into that)Cons:-I'm not a sports watching girlie so the atmosphere isn't my type-tap wall might be messy if you can't pour like a civilized human being-these are all dumb Cons so maybe just visit and see for yourself?Shoutout to the bartender Deanna who is very sweet and willing to answer questions

Abby — Google review

Taps on Main is a go-to spot for my husband and I in Kansas City! It’s a fun little bar and grill and they have a nice beer selection that you can pour yourself! It brings me an absurd amount of joy that they have a bunch of little taster glasses so I can try multiple beers in one sitting without being hammered. Lol. Such a fun experience for beer lovers!

Liz M — Google review

If you love beer this is the place for you to try a wide variety of them. Cool patio seating and good space for small parties. The highlight is definitely being able to sample different beers from all over by the ounce.

The Kidd Organization — Google review

This is the first time I have ever been to a place that had craft beer by the ounce!If you are a beer drinker, there is definitely something for everyone. They also offer co*cktails for those that don't drink beer.Our server was fantastic and took care of everything we needed.

Susan Drake — Google review

Only stopped in to pass the time, but the appetizers were great. Got the cheese curds, fried brussel sprouts, and spicy fried cauliflower. Did not disappoint at all. The pour your own beer wall was an awesome experience that needs to be tried at least once.

John F Kreidler — Google review

Great server! Gave us good advice on food. Reuben tots and cauliflower bites...both were fantastic. The beer is a pay by ounce self service bar. Gave us the opportunity to try lots of different types.

Laurel Hoog — Google review

Cool vibe and stop along our bar hopping.They have like 20 different brews on tap to select from. They have sample glasses to full size glasses.The food looks good, but was there for the brew. Highly recommend. Good for groups, solo, or date night.It can get price on the pours but still worth it.

Tam Henders — Google review

I had a delightful experience at this restaurant! The ambiance was lovely, and the food and service were outstanding. We had the pleasure of bringing our furry friend along, and we enjoyed the patio seating. Although I must deduct one star and give it a rating of four stars instead of five, it was solely due to the extended wait time of approximately one hour for our food. However, the server excelled in keeping us informed about the delay, demonstrating excellent communication skills.

Jess — Google review

Cool sports bar catering to the home teams and Buffalo with many, many drink choices. The Philly is pretty good, just needs more cheeze please. The taters were good too.

David Ryan — Google review

Great open bar style very friendly staff, great access to street car! Plus it’s super clean not to mention the foood is licking finger good… also Nathan is a great server!

Jose Antonio Kemp — Google review

My brother insisted on taking me to Taps on Main for the "beer wall." That experience was pretty good, and I got to try about 6 different beers. The food was so so good! I ordered the Philly cheesesteak fries and they were the best!! I also ordered Cubano and Rueben fries to go! I look forward to my next visit to KC and Taps on Main! I had to add the giant Chiefs mural on the Tom's Gin wall!

Lee Diamond — Google review

This is the place my out-of-town family always wants to go to in KC before anything downtown. They like being able to sample all the different tap beers & ciders, the many tvs showing sports, and the menu choices. The wait staff is always friendly & helpful. Conveniently located on the KC Streetcar line too!

Julie LOPEZ — Google review

1715 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA 291-4502

14Lonnie’s Reno Club

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (104)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (105)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (106)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (107)


(272)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (108)


(17)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (109)

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Live music venue

The Lonnie’s Reno Club is a Kansas City, Mo. restaurant that pays homage to the famous Reno Club that used to be located on 12th and Cherry streets. The restaurant has an eclectic menu and an extensive wine list. Popular entrees include chicken franchese, beef wellington, and Salmon en Papillote. The music and atmosphere are both amazing!

Lonnie's Reno Club is a happening place. A great vibe, fantastic co*cktails, a fun and delicious menu and on top of it a floor show.Lonnie McFadden a KC legend has enough energy for 10 people. The musicians he surrounds himself with are second to none.Lonnie's stories of his legendary family and his own personal jazz journey is the true reason to not miss going.Downstairs in the Ambassador Hotel is the speakeasy that is reminiscent of earlier days. With photos of Jazz greats from KC.We are going to go back for sure. Rumor has it a true jazz jam session will be starting soon on a week night.If you love to see an entertainer own the room and give more energy to a performance then you maybe have ever seen. Book a reservation to see Lonnie and band at the Reno Club. You will have fun.

Greg DiVilbiss — Google review

What a pleasant surprise! I was invited to a reservation here with friends, and we had a phenomenal time. So much fun! The energy of the performance opened into quite a celebration.Lonnie, the musicians, the food and service was great. You can really feel the jazz history, it is engaging and nostalgic. Highly recommended!! Thank You!!

Liz Harlow — Google review

Our first trip to Kansas City and this was a great show! The service was great and we enjoyed the pre fixe menu. Food was mostly really good, but can’t say all dishes were great. Overall, we would go here over and over for the full experience of an amazing performance by Lonnie McFadden and his band, who are young, accomplished musicians on their own. Lonnie is high energy, tells stories, highlights his band members, performs a variety that will not disappoint (including tap dancing) and engages with every single audience member. It is an intimate room with great history on the walls and great acoustics.

Ann B — Google review

There is a three course menu option. Pictured is Caesar salad, eggplant parmesan, beef Wellington as well as another chicken dish. Everything is delicious! The music and atmosphere is amazing!

Gemycah J. — Google review

I took my mother out to this place and it was my first time ever seeing a jazz band play live, and I would like to say that I’m grateful for choosing this place to be my first. I don’t remember the host’s name, but he was superb. He was very sweet and helped me out with a couple things. Everyone that worked there was amazing. I thought the food wouldn’t be that good or wouldn’t fill me up, but halfway through the main course I felt pretty full. Now Lonnie and his band are amazing performers. There was warm energy flowing from every single one of them. I especially loved Lonnie’s energy that he put into his performance. You can tell that every single one of the members were passionate with what they were doing and that they genuinely loved to be there and perform. I’m not all for spending so much money on food, but this is 100% worth it for the cost.

Jameela Goodman — Google review

Great time at Lonnie’s Teno Club in KC.GREAT guy, great entertainer. Singer, tap dancer trumpet jazz musician. His band is amazing too!Great food and service. Prepare to enjoy an amazing evening with Lonnie McFadden at Lonnie’s Reno Club.You won’t regret it!

Phillip Olsson — Google review

Do yourself a favor and go to Lonnie’s Reno Club. It’s an exceptional experience, that is truly, uniquely Kansas CityLonnie McFadden is many things: entertainer, band leader, jazz trumpeter, tap dancer, singer, songwriter, and recording artist - but another most befitting title is historian.Lonnie’s Reno Club, a homage to speakeasies of the past, comes alive each weekend as Lonnie and his quartet take you on a trip from the hard-swinging, bluesy transition style of Basie to the bebop style of Kansas City’s own Charlie Parker … … and everything in between and after!! You are in for an evening that covers it all; along with the best part, Lonnie’s stories of the history and heyday of the Kansas City music and jazz scene.Having visited four times now, I’ve sampled everything on the pre-fix menu and can say you can’t go wrong with anything you choose. My favorites:Appetizer: Shrimp co*cktailMain Course: Beef WellingtonDessert: Creme Brûlée … along with a delicious cup of The Roasterie coffee.

MOJO KC1 — Google review

My cheeks hurt from smiling for 3 hours watching the amazing Lonnie McFadden last night! His enthusiasm is contagious and his performance with fellow world class musicians was spot on! Loved learning new things about Kansas City's rich jazz history from a living legend! Lonnie interacts with every table/guest (even on break) - what a delightful soul. The food and service were excellent at the Ambassador Hotel was lovely. What a special treat right here in my home city!

carol rocco — Google review

We celebrated a Birthday at Lonnie’s. It was so worth it. It is a set price with a set menu. I’m not always a fan of set menu’s but it was very tasty. It is a little pricey but when you factor in your entertainment it’s worth the price. I can’t say enough about Lonnie McFadden. He is old world charm. He can sing, play the trumpet and tap dance. The night we were there his daughter stopped in to sing us a song. If you are looking for something different to do I recommend that you go to this show. It will not disappoint if you enjoy Jazz.

Kelli Goforth — Google review

Lonnie brings the history and vibe of KC Jazz to life... and man oh man, is his energy contagious! The depth & rhythm that Andrew, Tyree & Zach add to the mix made our Anniversary night unforgettable. You will hear songs that you thought you knew by heart take on an entirely new life just by their enthusiasm, timing and artistry. It was truly incredible.The menu choices are limited but the food and service was on point. They did a great job not distracting us from the entertainment.We've enjoyed watching Lonnie perform at so many places around KC over the years. But if you ever want to experience what jazz clubs were like back in the day, then you have to put the Reno Club on your list. This is where Lonnie & his band (and the KC Jazz scene) were meant to be.

Kurt Johnston — Google review

What a fantastic night of entertainment! Lonnie's band killed it, and the level of showmanship and engaging the audience was high energy for a jazz club. The service and the food were both good as well. The club is relatively small, with more of an upscale restaurant feel. Not a bar.

T G — Google review

Highly recommend if you live in KC or are visiting. Lonnie and his band are superb. Very engaging with the audience and great music. Dinner and wait staff are excellent. You won't be disappointed.

Jill Hertzog — Google review

Lonnie and his band offer a true Kansas City entertainment experience that everyone must see. Tremendous energy, musical talent, dancing and true jazz history in the flesh! A must see!!

Tom Edwards — Google review

1111 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA 326-7897Lonnie’s Reno Club reservations

15Percheron Rooftop Bar

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (110)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (111)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (112)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (113)


(279)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (114)


(3)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (115)

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Percheron is a rooftop bar with an amazing city-sweeping view that's great for relaxing and soaking up the vibes. There's space to spread out and enjoy frozen co*cktails or craft beers with light bites, while you take in the views. The bar closes for winter, but updates are always posted so check back often!

Best views in the city - hands down. It's a more upscale place than not, but you would fit in with anything from classy casual to formal attire. Drinks are pricey but very well prepared. There is a standing area separate from seated tables. I don't think they allow reservations so arrive early if you want a table but there are quite a few available. Best views are in standing area though. It's awesome to have a quality rooftop bar in KC. Percheron fill that void.

Brandon McElhiney — Google review

Pretty venue with a captivating KC skyline view for drinks and dining. Intimate (and loud, ha!) space for live music as part of the summer concert series, it got packed with people but the staff really hustled to serve everyone at the table and the bar. Tried a couple co*cktails, not any food, but still easy to spend a lot of money here! Good for a special hoorah.

Hope Harms — Google review

The food is good if you can get any food service, seems like they only have one or two servers for the entire rooftop bar which has quite a few tables. I told the bartender I would like to order food, he said he'd send a server over, and it was a full 50 minutes before anyone ever came to check on me... On a TUESDAY. Definitely eat before you come or maybe sit at a table right in front of the bar if you're getting food. Also the drinks aren't awful but they really aren't that great for the $14 price. The rooftop view and decor are really the only reason to come here tbh

Valar Morghulis — Google review

Found my new favorite drink in KC but the service was absolutely horrible. If you come just be prepared to wait 15-20 min for your first drink. Luckily the rooftop views give you something to look at while you wait

Sam — Google review

Can’t beat the view for a Sunday night drink at dusk. Creative drinks, lots of energy here. 4 stars instead of 5 because we didn’t have a single warm interaction with bartenders or servers. Everyone was very busy and didn’t take time to make a connection. Go there, get a drink, talk to your friends, enjoy the view.

Jody Breuer — Google review

I thought I had been to every rooftop bar in Kansas City…I can’t believe I missed this place! The view of the city is unbelievable. Snag a table early in the evening to have a perfect view of the city lights. We really enjoyed the Marinated Olive appetizer and the tomato & focaccia appetizer. Our favorite drink on the co*cktail menu was The Party Pressure but the Spanish Summer Spritz was a close second.

Through Becs Specs — Google review

The location is wonderful! And the drinks were great! We had the hummus and pita, which was delicious! The staff were busy, but still very accommodating. We do wish there had been some heat lamps because it is still spring and chilly for evenings outside and the music was too loud for you to have an easy conversation. That’s why I reduced the score to 4.

Caitlin Molczyk — Google review

Atmosphere at this roof top bar is amazing, but the service is horrendous.Server gave us a drink menu and I had to find him 20 minutes later for him to tell me he was coming right back. We waited another 10 minutes and no server. We left disappointed and had drinks at another place.

Juan Correa — Google review

Each time I visit Percheron, I have a different experience, and they're all great. Being an outdoor venue with a beautiful view of Kansas City, lends itself to an enjoyable time. Most weekdays, tables are readily available for a co*cktail after work. The after sunset vibe is wonderful with the city lights and hung string lights.The food, co*cktails, and waiters have also been great. Their Za'atar Paloma is one of my favorites, even though all the co*cktails I've had are delicious. The food is wonderful, as well. Most recently, I tried the Papas Bravas, which were quite different from traditional Papas Bravas but equally as good!Note: Percheron is completely outdoors. Keep this in mind as it relates to your weather preferences!

Jillian O'Connell — Google review

This is one of the best Rooftop views of our beautiful city,Kansas City! Lovely venue, and unfortunately some of the worst service we have ever had. We waited almost fifteen minutes for anyone to come over.Several waitresses kept telling us "you are not our table" it was very hot and we could have used a water. We had a very large group of Friends at several tables and nothing !! When our server finally came, he had an attitude and he brought our drinks that were half full and not worth the $13.00. The shrimp ceviche I ordered was delicious as were the other "snacks". The sad part was that the Music was incredible but because the service was so bad it somewhat ruined the evening. Our Server didn't come back so most of our group had to stand in a huge line at the bar and then had to run two tabs because they were separate. Another friend ordered a beer and the server dropped his can of beer and just picked it up and gave it to him.Very disappointing....The Percheron is lovely but the servers spend more time hanging out at the bar than serving their Customers.I review so many venues all over the United States and this one was by far the worst service we have ever received .....

Ruthie Becker — Google review

Came here in August 2022. We were visiting from out of town (DC and SD) and were looking for a rooftop to relax in. We found this gem with the most perfect view of the city. Cannot wait for this place to open up again.

Lynelle NH — Google review

2101 Central St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA…

(816) 897-8100

I'll never travel to North Kansas City without this trip planner again

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The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (116)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (117)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (118)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (119)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (120)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (121)

I will never travel to North Kansas City without this app againAvailable on the App Store


The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (123)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (124)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (125)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (126)


(1145)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (127)


(1)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (128)

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Cajun restaurant


KC Daiquiri Shop is a down-to-earth restaurant with cajun-inspired dishes and frozen daiquiris. It has been enjoying long lines down the block since it opened, and now you can get a flavorful brain freeze to-go.

My sister and I decided to come here and finally give the food and daiquiris a try. I had the fish basket which was excellent and perfectly seasoned! My sister had a daiquiri and garlic parmesan wings which was also good and perfectly seasoned. The staff was really nice and the environment really just gives off a chill home type vibe. We will be returning soon!

Kali — Google review

Ordered the wings n shrimp combo. They said it would take 30 min and i was kool with that. It was worth the wait. I ordered the parmesan garlic and buffalo for my sauces just because i didn't know what they would taste like i had them put on the side. The parm was ok, but the Buffalo was on point and would've drenched everything with it if i had the whole bottle. I didn't try the daiquiri because they were all alcoholic and i was driving. The customer service was good although 1 waitress could've stayed off her phone until we finished ordering. Lol. The place could use a some fresh paint other than that it was A nice time there. Hope to go back n try the specials.

EROK -THA FOODIE — Google review

The lady at the cash register (I didn't get her name), was EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL and had a lovely personality. Very informative. The daiquiri taste amazing and the food was even better. Can't wait to have girls night here.

Amanda H — Google review

Very nice staff, the owner is super friendly and he aims to please his customers. Parking free after 6pm on the streets. Frozen drinks was the bomb..her the hulk, Georgia peach, and the hypnotic.. IT HITS RIGHT!!Update went back 3/18/2022I waited 40 mins for fried shrimp po boy that came out cold and with sauce I asked for on the side and the place had one other person in it. This was very poor customer service and my friend had to get a refund after she waited so long for a grilled shrimp po boy. Probably won't visit them again. Definitely not worth my $26. No offer to supplement the I convenience except for making it over and I could risk that because I Definitely would have missed my flight.

Sheila S. — Google review

This was what I've been searching for- the selection of frozen daiquiris was IMPRESSIVE! The music took me back to a simpler and enjoyable time with a DJ and music videos that were on point but not so loud that you need to shout to hear the person across from you. The pricing was so affordable and if all that wasn't enough the food was so good that if this place were in the side of a shady gas station that had a line out the door- you'd still catch me waiting for my fix. The staff was so kind and helpful and the atmosphere felt like a family gathering. Please come here for a great way to discover more culture and good in KC and in life!

Amber Rentfro — Google review

Drinks are fye fasho 🔥🔥🔥. Most definitely gon get lit off 1 drink!! Me & my girl had the “House Special” that drink has every flavor they offer.. I would recommend that fasho lol 💯..I’m going back this weekend for more & to try their food!!

Boss TJ — Google review

This place has more fights than a UFC pay per view. Daqs are okay. After 6pm you better be prepared to throw hands. About that same time the smell of fried food is replaced by the smell of a Bob Marley concert. Every week the cops are called to close the place down. Attend at your own risk.

Jacob Riedel — Google review

Fun place to hang out with friends and co-workers' night out. The food is tasty and filling. The Daiquiri are fruity and fun, I tried the Toxic Tea mix, and it was also delicious! Parking is tricky, so parking garages are a go-to if it's a weekend event or Friday nights. There is Hookah available, but be mindful that it takes a while for preparation. I definitely come back with friends since Power and Light is very close by.

Michael Silvestre — Google review

My boyfriend and I came here last year. We had a lot of fun. The daqaris and the chicken strips and fries were delicious! They had fun music playing. The owner was there. He was the nicest guy ever! My boyfriend and I will definitely come back again. We live in Kansas, and don't get to come to Kansas City Missouri much. But, the next time we do, we will go back here. 🤗💜

Chante Moody — Google review

I don’t know if I can call this place a hidden gem because the food and staff here shine so bright! Ate here with friends for the first time and I had the wings (4pieces) and fish (2 pieces) combo with fried okra (~$15) and it was spectacular! Everything was cooked and seasoned to perfection! The staff was so welcoming and talked us through the menu and gave appropriate recommendations for each persons preferences in our group. I don’t like to be overly positive in reviews because I feel like it’s not genuine but this place is phenomenal and deserves so much praise! It was quite empty when we got there but I’ve seen plenty of pictures where the place is packed so I can’t speak on the atmosphere all that much. The daiquiri bar is an experience all in itself as well and don’t worry they let you sample all the different flavors if you are unsure of what their different combinations are. Wish I took a picture of my food before I ate it all but it was too hard to resist!

Nicholas Schulte — Google review

Atmosphere is cool. The staff I personally encountered was friendly. The food was good.----------Update 12/2/2023: Have not been to this location once the Daiquiri Bistreaux opened. (Sad that it's now closed) Went for a birthday party and got the Shrimp Etoufee. What I don't like about this location is that you can't see meals that are in a cup. My food was good. First time trying it. A tad bit spicy for me. But I got TWO shrimp and a piece of shell. 😬

Mel Chel — Google review

The drink choices for the daiquiris is a bit overwhelming in selections, so just asked for a suggestion. They had a DJ, music was a little deafening. There’s not much to the inside. Good spot to stop if you want to grab a drink on the go.Ordered the Cajun wings and fries. Felt like they just dumped a whole lot of Cajun season on it and called it Cajun fries and wings. Food came out quickly. One of the employees (maybe manager) checked in to see how the food was, very nice. Would go back but sit on the outside next time just because the music is so loud you can barely hear the person across from you.

Tam Henders — Google review

As a New Orleans native, I've got this homesick itch that only authentic, soulful Louisiana cooking can scratch. And guess what? KC Daiquiri Shop hits the spot every single time. It's like a little piece of New Orleans tucked away in Kansas City.First off, the flavors here are the real deal. I heard the chef hails from Louisiana, and let me tell you, it shows. Every dish bursts with that authentic, spicy goodness that takes me straight back to the bayou. From jambalaya that dances on your taste buds to gumbo that hugs your soul, this place has it all.But let's not forget the drinks – they are absolutely fire! The daiquiris here? Imagine a Mardi Gras parade in a glass. They've got this magical way of blending sweetness, kick, and fun, perfect for toasting with friends.The vibe? It's like stepping into a lively Louisiana kitchen - casual, vibrant, and always welcoming. Whether it's for a catch-up with pals or just to soothe that NOLA longing, KC Daiquiri Shop is my go-to.In short, if you're craving a taste of Louisiana in KC, this is your spot. Authentic, flavorful, and just plain fun - it's a culinary trip to the South without leaving town.

Megan Fontenot — Google review

First time going after Super Bowl parade on line said live music, food bring great , customer service was horrible yes she greeted with a smile , and her breasts . Waited almost 2 hours . Ordered a seafood platter, gumbo, buffalo wing, . Paid $60 music so loud rap hip hop ok I knew 3 songs , I stood hold time . Very uncomfortable I wanted money back but I paid with my card so I already knew I had to wait to get money back on card. Seafood platter had 2 pieces a fish, 5 extra tiny shrimp, and fries horrible I did get plain. Shrimp etefoue was horrible couldn’t finish. Owner came out asked for receipt and kept it so I couldn’t check back order was wrong and missing food . Fish was good but 2 pieces is not worth what I received nobody asked are y’all ok knowing we did not belong it was not laid back at all . Also ordered 3 flavors now that was good I believe in tipping. There was no reason to. I may try Overland Park location . Why no jazz, blues, old school , something more relaxing not going start fights . Alcohol is strong and sweet didn’t feel it first definitely snuck up on me .

Talisha Cottonham Sanders — Google review

1116 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA 974-3275

17Green Lady Lounge

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (129)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (130)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (131)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (132)


(3758)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (133)

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co*cktail bar

Jazz club

Live music venue

Green Lady Lounge is a co*cktail themed jazz club with red velvet walls and marble bar. The atmosphere is retro and the staff dressed in suits and ties. Live music is performed every night, with no cover charge.

The staff was super friendly and very helpful with any questions we had. The live music was also excellent. I cannot recommend coming here enough. The drinks are a fair price too, just be sure you're ready to pay the 5$ cover fee at the door.

Luke Turczynski — Google review

The bar itself is well maintained. The prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere is superb if you like jazz. They have live jazz bands playing original music on both the first floor and the basem*nt at all times. This place is a wonderland for anyone looking to relax and sip a martini. I had the old fashioned myself but either way you are in for a treat at this lovely little lounge.

Alex Jones — Google review

This place is IT. Cover and drinks worth every penny for the incredible atmosphere. Groups here epitomize the rich Kansas City jazz scene, including lots of originals you can't hear anywhere else. Top of the line for a reason.

Andreas Han Landstedt — Google review

I've been here many times. The best vibe and arguably the best jazz in downtown.I am normally a straight bourbon/whiskey drinker, but I have had literally the best specialty drink I've ever had at any speakeasy or bar in Kansas City.Lady loves the chai!Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Ed O'Connor — Google review

If you can come here when it's not crowded this is *the* bar to come to.The good: great ambience. Great drinks! Try a Moscow mule here as long as you love ginger. I'm a big fan of live music that is in the background rather than the foreground and the green lady's live jazz is just that.The meh: the prices.The bad: it can become standing room only but I deliberately came at odd hours to avoid this. Cover charge of you come after the live music begins playing.

Jay Allen — Google review

This lounge was incredible! There aren’t many jazz bars where I’m from so this was something out of my dreams! It has both an upstairs and downstairs with different bands playing so you can have two different vibes going. It was pretty busy when we showed up at 7 so be sure to get there early if you would like a seat! There is room to stand which is also nice. The atmosphere is amazing and I can’t wait to come back here.

Kaleigh Jade — Google review

My wife and I love this place. It is a great place to socialize and catch up. The vibe is great and a lot of the bands and trios they have are enjoyable!

Austin Coop — Google review

This is about the coolest jazz club I have had the pleasure of visiting. Oozing atmosphere, old school club vibes, iconic, full of history, and of course top notch jazz - on two stages! - thank you Kansas City for keeping this treasure alive and thriving. Will be back for more jazz and fancy co*cktails whenever I come to town.

Rob Meany — Google review

Ambiance!!!! It was like stepping into a movie set of what you would imagine as a jazz club. Live music, low lighting, lots of seating, and good drinks. The band was great, drinks were delicious, and reasonably priced. Only had one thing to eat which was the boozy cake. It was a lil dry...but you could taste the booze so I guess it did it's job hahahaha. Def worth a visit ❤️

Eric Locklear — Google review

We had a great night with great live jazz. It's a nice lounge atmosphere and people there were very nice. Very glad we went and will likely go again the next time we are in KC.

Tim McCarragher — Google review

It's easy to overlook this bar while walking down the street, but it was an amazing experience after walking in. After a $5 entrance fee and push of a cushioned door you're immediately faced with a live jazz band and large space of the bar or lounging area. I ordered the Lamanai which tasted sweet but not overwhelming. I really enjoyed this bar, live jazz, and their drinks.

Amelia Lee — Google review

Very trendy place for live jazz music. Good selection of hard drinks (mango lady is a delight). 2 floors to choose from, and it gets busy (so plan to stand for a while). Saw some sort of food options, but because there are no cooks there they probably just have bread and dip. Wish they had snacks and/or desserts to help down those drinks.

Mohan T — Google review

Everyone was telling me I had to check this place out, and I'm glad they did! You're greeted by a bouncer in a suit, then you enter an upholstered door on the right hand side. The moment you walk in you'll notice the dim lighting with the lighting focused on the band.

Jason Ray Pascua — Google review

Jazzy, Dark, Moody. We Loved It! Might just be the best jazz bar in KC! Got there around 8pm Saturday night and paid a cover of $5 each cash only. Amazing though a bit pricey co*cktails, it was worth it to enjoy the jams for a few hours! I love jazz even more now.

Cameron Menley — Google review

The service was good. The waitresses were attentive and came to check on us often. Also, I didn't like one of the drinks as the espresso taste was too much for me. The waitress offered cream to make it help. I loved that she knew the menu well enough to offer that solution and made other suggestions as well. The jazz music and vibe were pretty good, too.

Sharon Njeri — Google review

I’m writing this super buzzed!!! It’s a whole vibe! I didn’t mind the $5 cover charge. Let me say love the eclectic decor! Had me feeling all Hollywood mafia like! Jazz bands a solid 7! But BAAAABY! y’all making sure folks don’t remember where they parked after they TRY to leave! My only gripe is - where is the food to absorb these strong drinks? Meet me halfway at least!!! Definitely try the Mango Lady and the Black Dolphin! Trust me and thank me later!!!

Tyrz That Taurean Goddess! — Google review

I expected much more. I did not like the atmosphere. It was too Noisy. Therefore, I couldn't the listen Jazz Group properly. I am disappointed.

Mehmet Emin Özmen — Google review

A favorite KC area spot for live jazz music and a darker laid back lounge atmosphere. It feels absolutely appropriate to the experience. The musicians are always solid, great quality, lots of instrumentals versus vocals in my experience.Love the booth seating upstairs, but it does fill up and finding seating can be a challenge on busy nights. Weekends both up and downstairs is packed!Always charging a cover charge here, cash only, so come prepared and get your mind right. My struggle is sometimes I just wanna pop in for a short bit so I may veto due to the cover charge unless I’m planning to stay for a long time. Parking is a challenge so I prefer to go when I’m taking a ride share service.I’ve never dined here so can’t comment on that, but they offer a wide variety of co*cktails and wine.Something I can’t quite put into the right words but people routinely say feels a bit odd is with the staffing; as it’s mostly all males behind the bar (in 15 years I think I’ve seen one female working behind the bar), the men are dressed the same and have similar features that are not necessarily typical to the KC bar scene. I’m just curious about what the story is here as it’s never discussed in media.Overall love this place when I’m in for the long haul and a late night! The atmosphere and live music rivals any place I’ve been not just in KC, but across the country.

Tonya Lynn — Google review

A gem!!!! The whole experience is awesome. From the set up of the space, to the great music, to the knowledgeable bartenders. Every city needs a place like the Green Lady Lounge. Be ready to relax, sip on some alcoholic beverages, listen to top notch musicians and enjoy your time here.

David Ryan — Google review

This is a hidden gem in KC! To tell you the truth I wasn’t the biggest fan of jazz music. Needless to say this place has sparked my interest! My girlfriend and I tried this place for the first time and we had a blast! The atmosphere is just one of a kind. I can’t really put it into words. I remember reading books growing up of places like this and it just met all of those expectations! The ambiance, colors, and lighting all come together to give you that real underground jazz spot feel. The service was one of a kind as well! The bartenders are very aware, efficient, and friendly! It was pretty busy when we went and we still had amazing service. As the night grew later the people got louder so it was a little difficult to really enjoy the music at that time, but with that this place turned up the volume for the musical performance so we still could hear amongst all of the people talking. We will definitely be coming back! Hopefully we can get a booth reserved early close to the music. Give this place a try! You won’t be disappointed!

Scott Stafford — Google review

Early evening jazz. We were the only customers for a little while. It was*cktails at the bar. Perfection.....You should go ❤️

Jackie G — Google review

1809 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA 215-2954


The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (134)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (135)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (136)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (137)


(3231)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (138)

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Live music venue


Concert hall

Night club

Knuckleheads Saloon is a music venue situated within Kansas City that is popular with locals and visitors alike. The large outdoor stage and indoor stages as well as the 'gospel lounge' stage are all popular for performances by music artists. From rock to Elvis tributes, Knuckleheads has something for everyone.

Saw The Mavericks all three nights there recently. The place was rockin''!!! Knuckleheads is an outside venue but they have a great sound system. Lots of fun.

Kay Kartz — Google review

There are a lot of good things to say about this music venue. I enjoy the laid back atmosphere, quirky decor and friendly staff. Each stage has its own charm. Both indoor and outdoor stages. There’s good tunes coming from here with classic rock, 80’s, and some country music.The bar is cash only. The food is good and not over priced.When you visit, plan for a very casual atmosphere. Enjoy!Park on the side of the tracks, towards the bar. The railroad track is very active and sometimes it’s impassable. Your Uber may also get stuck on the wrong side of the tracks.

The Boss Babe — Google review

My husband and I went to the venue for the first time to see Savannah Dexter & Brabo Gator perform and it was AWESOME! The only drawback was that there were children there which I don't believe would be an appropriate place for them on a Saturday night - especially when people are drinking. Other than that the staff was super friendly and the whole atmosphere had a really good vibe. Be sure to take cash since it is a cash only bar with a couple of ATM machines in the building but who wants to pay those fees? I will definitely be back!

Jamie Ber — Google review

Really cool venue with multiple rooms for bands to play at the same time. Excellent out door area. Full bar, decent bar menu.

Karin Ponce — Google review

Cool venue. First time going. I WILL be returning. Great sound. You feel close to the stage no matter where you are. There is outside and indoor seating and standing. First come first serve on the seating.

Sharise Thompson — Google review

Last year Billy bob Thornton was here so this year I went to see him, first time here, parking I got lucky there, a band played before Billy, this place was easy to get to, the place was packed, right side is the stage! You could see the stage outside, chairs and bleachers, food truck outside or on the left was a building, you can get your drink, CASH only, see pix, food next to it, in the same building sign said Restrooms, walk into this big room, stage with three Tv, that if you don’t want to be outside, you can watch, bathroom were nice, women on the right and men on left, my only problem was gossip lounge! Where is it, I will have to check that out, another band was playing in that place, anyway parking get there early or lots of people leaving at 10 pm which will free up some parking

Tim Smith — Google review

It's a really neat venue... It's small and intimate in a way but it's also like a labyrinth with lots to explore. The staff were super helpful and sassy (it was like 5 ladies that reminded me of my Grandma and now I love them). We had a blast. And the seating options so close to the stage are epic for those of us that can't rock out like we used to. 😊

Kala Kelly — Google review

Excellent venue! Wonderful drinks, patrons, live music, and location! Relaxing and fun! Lots of motorcycles to see as you enter and exit! You won't be disappointed in any direction! The entertainment is the big draw of people from all walks of life! You won't be disappointed with venturing out to this establishment! Have fun and be ready to have a great time, from below or up above, not a bad seat in the house!

RedBullKC — Google review

Went to see Carolyn wonderland!!the band that played first was good but an hour is a little long. When Carolyn came on she had a female guitarist who had a nice voice and a drummer And base player. Carolyn played for over an hour and it was awesome. There was a decent crowd but not a long wait for food and drinks. Fifteen dollars was very reasonable to pay for this event.

Ruth Huey — Google review

This was a unique experience for us. We sat outside although many tables were inside. We went & ordered our food & paid for it. Then outside, we sat, ate, & listened to live blues, performed on stage. We weren't able to stay long but were told that many bands would be performing.

Linda Cooley — Google review

Went to go see the Mavericks last night. When they got on stage, Raul Malo said, "We love playing at Knuckleheads. That's why we come back every year. It's easier to buy someone a first class plane ticket, put them up in a good hotel and show them this place than it is to describe it." He's right. It's a great outdoor stage with a large dance floor. Tables are in the balconies and in the sides with a set of bleachers thrown in. It's in the East Bottoms of the Missouri River next to a train track that sometimes competes for the sound. But it's so much fun. The patrons range from ages 10-90 and if the band is great ( which the Mavericks are) everyone dances either on the dance floor, by the tables or in their chairs. The food is good, the beer and water are cold and the staff is helpful, plentiful and fun. I danced with a waiter or two in my way to the dance floor. Go, relax and above all have a great time. It's hard not to do at such a fun, unique, location!

Martha Huffman — Google review

I went here for the first time ever about a month ago and had a F'n good time!! Great crowd of fun people!! I have been back 3 times now!! Most recently seen The Lacs there and what a Hell of A Night!! Can't wait for them to come back! Highly recommend that if you have never been to Knuckleheads, you have to go at least once. Who am I kidding if you go once you will go again and again!! Great time, great experience!!!

Lawrence Mendoza — Google review

🎉 What a great venue! The sound was great, and the crowd was really chill. Seeing such an incredible 2-time Grammy Award winning 80's band like Living Colour that close was fantastic! They were amazing!!! Bringing my teenage daughter = PRICELESS. ❤️‍🔥🎶💿🎙🥁🎸

Elizabeth Dunn-Hall — Google review

A Kansas City staple!!Depending on where you typically go in the city,this may feel a bit off the beaten path. However it is worth a visit! Especially if you are interested in local music and supporting up and coming artists.Knuckleheads has a few different venues that all have different vibes, but they are all clean and well maintained. The bars are cash only, but they have ATMs readily available.The sound is typically pretty good too! Sometimes smaller venues can't get the levels right and everything is muddy or too bright. The crew at KHs seem to have it all figured out though.There is always something to check out there!

Leah Gunn Emerick — Google review

I love this place so much. Cheap drinks, great performers, low key atmosphere. Cash only bar but they have an atmosphere. Be sure to watch their calendar for shows and get tickets in advance as some shows sell out early!

Jaclyn Doyle — Google review

This is a really chill, high quality venue for rock lovers. I saw two shows in the garage, and there did not feel overcrowded for both the seated and standing options. It was really easy to get near the stage (if there's no VIP) and the surrounding sound is incredible and not overwhelming in any area. Easy parking and entry with lots of great history in its decor.

Alyssa Farrar — Google review

This is a great concert venue. Unique history makes it an interesting spot. There are both indoor and outdoor stages, one outdoor being the largest.We saw John McEuen and Riverrock at the largest indoot stage with a great crowd. Very nice to hear him and Les, another NGDB alumni with Riverrock.Was a hot day, great to get inside after waiting for the gate.Arrive early to get any close in parking, handicapped etc.

jim stephens — Google review

Seemed in a weird location bc it was by a bunch of industrial buildings and railroad tracks.but quite a cool venue. Drinks were very fairly priced and the sound was good at the concert I saw there. Would recommend.

Linda Drouhard — Google review

Great live music on Sundays from local people open mic cheap tacos to die for drinks are prices reasonably always a crowd of bikes and people looking to hangout and enjoy the afternoon

Brennen Gough — Google review

2715 Rochester Ave, Kansas City, MO 64120, USA 483-1456

19McFadden's Sports Saloon

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (139)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (140)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (141)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (142)


(790)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (143)

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Sports bar

American restaurant


McFadden's Sports Saloon is an Irish pub that offers a variety of pub cuisine and beverages, providing a cozy atmosphere with ample television screens for sports enthusiasts. The establishment boasts a stylish interior with dark wooden decor. It requires candidates with at least one year of experience in a fast-paced food and beverage setting, preferably in a nightclub environment. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this sports bar is an excellent choice for grabbing a meal or simply hanging out.

I will most definitely be coming back again! 20/10 on my satisfaction level. Madison is hands down the best server I've ever had! Especially in P&L, and that's saying something! She was absolutely marvelous! She always made sure our drinks were never empty and stopped by many times to check on us and always did so with such a beautiful smile! No server I've ever had has ever been more attentive and had such a wonderful attitude to go along with it! The food was also amazing, and thanks to her recommendation, I ended up getting their Mixed Berry French Toast, which was absolutely mouth watering, to say the least! Next time I go there, Madison is exactly who I'll be looking for!!

Dottie Huff — Google review

Excellent spot for grabbing a bite to eat or just hanging out bartender was excellent as was Elena.Can't wait to visit again when back in KC!

KB Lilears — Google review

Visiting the state of Missouri Downtown at the McFadden Sports Saloon was an exciting and great atmosphere to watch your favorite college football "Go Frogs." I had great burger, fries and happy hour drink. It was great service. My first to the state. First time at the stadium to watch and support Texan Patrick Mahomes,Kansas City Chiefs.

Marah Nelson — Google review

Traveling from out of town and wanted to explore the P&L district. Had an awesome lunch at another place, stopped in for a beer. The bar tender could not have been any ruder. Then the tab comes for 2 small PLASTIC cups of beer $14.80! Every other place we stopped was way cheaper and had bottle or can beer.

Ethan Matthews — Google review

I was excited over such a simple meal tonight.Yet it took me a minute but I sweat it was covered in 1000 island dressing.I would had preferred real cheese for the price.for a slow night it's great for a date nite if your into the sports bar scene.Well the people are nice.

Carl Dunham — Google review

Friday at 5p in summer completely dead (which is fine). Bartender seemed annoyed when asked for a drink menu. The bathrooms are one of the grossest I’ve Been in and I frequent music festivals. I couldn’t upload the video of my feet walking but it sounded like I was stepping on bubble wrap and stale popcorn. My shoes were just sticking to the floor.$12 vodka cran if you’re curious on pricing.

Emily Palestino — Google review

My server Hanna was exceptional! She went above and beyond to make sure our entire party had the best service. Our food was delivered in a timely manner. The right amount of check ins to make sure we were good on drinks and a very friendly and welcoming attitude. Anytime I come back I will be requesting Hanna as my waitress.

Cameron Clark — Google review

I had the 🐔 & Bliss. Believe it or not, I have never tried chicken & waffles before. The presentation was amazing. It looked like a contemporary art exhibit.The chicken strips were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Yummy! The 🧇 was perfectly browned and large enough to complement the 🐔.The lemonade was delicious as well. The restaurant was truly capacious with two levels. The tables were equally spaced. There were at least 2 entry and exit points. There were various 📺 screens tuned to sports, of course.My server Destiny was great. She kept the lemonade flowing and inquired about the taste of my meal. She even expressed interest in my hobby and shared a bit about herself. Destiny was kind and perceptive.

Kimberly Henderson — Google review

Was there for the chiefs Super Bowl parade. Had amazing seats, at the window, but the best part…the server was the best I’ve ever had in P&L. If you go there ask for Haleigh Wills. She was fun, engaging, didn’t run off after order and took time to joke with us. She is a 5 star alone. McFadden’s is as was obviously.. Epic experience, hands down.

Rob Eveland — Google review

First off I just want to say that my waitress Hanna is amazing! She loves to connect with her customers and always wants to make them happy! She is so fast and efficient. Also they have some realllly good food and they make some damn good drinks. Thanks for making my meal time enjoyable 😊

Hannah Mace — Google review

I had the best time ever at McFaddens! I was there for a chiefs game and my server Hanna was nothing short fantastic! All night long she ensured our party was well taken care of from food coming out quickly to drinks staying full! She made us feel like a priority even with a packed bar and that’s special. If I ever come back I hope that she is still there to serve our group!

Griffin Rod — Google review

Had a wonderful time at McFaddens and will definitely be back thanks to my server! Our server Haleigh was exceptional and made sure to go above and beyond to make sure everyone in my group had a good time and also made sure that our drinks and food were delivered in a timely manner despite how busy it was. I will definitely be coming back thanks to Haleigh and will make sure my friends as for her when when they come by.

Brenda Mena-Sierra — Google review

1330 Grand Blvd #2907, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA 471-1330


The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (144)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (145)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (146)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (147)


(509)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (148)

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co*cktail bar

SoT is a hip bar that offers high-quality co*cktails and light bites in a stylish setting. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the patio outside is charming to enjoy with a co*cktail. The co*cktail menu has an impressive selection of flavors that are sure to please even the most discerning drinker.

My family and I stopped in while we were at KC for spring break, and it was so good! (Thanks to Jackson Mahomes for letting us know this place exists😂)The staff was super friendly and the drinks were also good. The atmosphere was chill and we had a good time! (:

Sarah Hammons — Google review

Best co*cktails and mixologists in KC. So friendly and knowledgeable. They won’t make you feel dumb if you don’t know liquor, take time to understand what you like, make suggestions from the seasonal menu or make something special just for you! Adam is everything, but the whole crew is phenomenal.Great vibe inside and out. Can’t say enough about this place. Small and inviting with upscale yet not pretentious decor. Varied seating options including a large outdoor space.Food no longer served but you can bring in your own as long as you take your trash with you.DO NOT PARK in the dry cleaners parking lot; you will get towed!

Winifred Jamieson — Google review

Absolutely loved this place! Helpful, knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere and decor, and excellent drinks! The immediate neighborhood is uncertain but just a walk away from the buzz of Power and Light District which was nice. A great find while visiting from out of town!

Lorinda Hagstrom — Google review

So far, this has been one of my favorite bars in KC!! The drinks were phenomenal! Loved the vibe and the service was great! An absolute must for a great place to get co*cktails!!

Caroline Manlove — Google review

Nice little hole in the wall bar with an unassuming exterior. A unique style of co*cktails that all comes together well. A must visit when you're in the area.The bartenders here are great as well!

Damien Price — Google review

Drinks were tasty, pretty and strong. The bartender was super nice and helpful. No food here but lots of fun things in the area. We had a good time here!

Paige Dryden — Google review

I went to SOT for my first time last night. I’ve been sober for 9 months, so going out to bars with friends has been a source of anxiety for me as a lot of places don’t have NA options or are rude when I ask. I asked the waiter Ethan what options were available, and he was super nice and excited to share all the options. I told him he could make whatever kind of mocktail he wanted for me. He went above and beyond asking me what kind of NA liquor I wanted, what type and flavor of drink I was feeling, and even asked what type of co*cktail glass I wanted it in. Ethan made me an amazing drink in a martini glass with NA gin, cucumber, shrubs, and other fancy things I don’t remember. The presentation was amazing, and I ordered another one it was so good. I couldn’t believe there was no booze in it. This was by far my best mocktail experience I have had not just because of the drink but because of the service and kindness that Ethan showed me. More co*cktail bars should be accommodating like SOT for people who don’t drink alcohol but still want to enjoy a fancy co*cktail. 10/10 service by Ethan. He deserves to be promoted if he isn’t already. Thank you!

Martha Taylor — Google review

Justin is amazing! Five stars for him alone! He definitely made our night. He was very attentive but not annoying. All around took great care of us!The lounge its self is a very chill and sophisticated atmosphere with good background music. Great co*cktails with everything house made ingredients, aside from the alcohol lol.(I realized I didn’t take any photos of the drinks I ordered except this bubbly) I tried the Dial m for 'mure'der (which was probably my favorite of the night) & the sixth element. I will be returning!

Real Rich — Google review

We got great recommendations from the menu and amazing custom drinks by the bartender. The atmosphere is relaxed with super friendly staff. Would definitely come back.

Adrian B. — Google review

Wow! Just WOW with these co*cktails. Super unique and absolutely delicious. We just had to keep trying what they had to offer! If you like gin they have amazing infused gins and really complex recipes which just bring out all the flavors. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SPOT!

Emily Sopchak — Google review

1521 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA 842-8482

I'll never travel to North Kansas City without this trip planner again

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The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (149)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (150)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (151)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (152)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (153)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (154)

I will never travel to North Kansas City without this app againAvailable on the App Store

21Zoo Bar

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (156)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (157)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (158)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (159)


(392)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (160)

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co*cktail bar

The Zoo Dive Bar is a Graffiti Paradise!!It is a little step into history itself, and so much fun doing so. You can find pictures, articles, and writing from quite a few decades.Our bar tender was extremely nice and personable. Also the locals were funny and a real woot to chat with. You feel welcome as soon as you come in, and that was exactly what we were looking for in a little hole in the wall.There is a pool table, and music of your choosing from the jukebox!Everywhere you look you can find something, and if you look again, you'll likely find something new! It's an exciting place. Highly recommend.FYI this is a CASH ONLY BAR!

Ash — Google review

Love this place! Enjoy the marker covered everything...walls, bar, tables, and ceiling. You won't break the bank drinking here. Bring cash. They don't like those plastic things....

Kneuvean Jud — Google review

This is one of those hidden gem dive bars, cash only bar as a heads up. They have a pool table,dart board and digital jukebox.What they are known for are their mini beer shots. An italian liquor with a vanilla creme.And as of recently a new chocolate mini beer shot.

Shawn — Google review

Came in around 1 am for a finisher drink the night prior. Not only is it a block away from where I'm staying, but this bar has such a homey, small-town feel that you can't get anywhere else in town.From my understanding it's ran by and older couple and they're the bartenders.It's awesome to see someone take so much pride and happiness in their work.It is a Cash Only bar; Dont let that be the reason to skip out.

Andrew Avilan — Google review

Me and my friends came here for my friends 21st birthday no problems at all and enjoyed it quite a bit. Came here again after recommending it to a friend and the same bartender that served us on the night of my friends 21st, took my friends LEGAL government issued I.D. looked at it for at least 2 minutes and said “sorry I’m not taking that I can’t serve you guys” and wouldn’t even look at the rest of our I.D.s. Don’t waste your time coming here if you’re younger. Clearly they don’t want your business.

3 day spoiled milk left on the sofa — Google review

Historic local dive bar in downtown KC. Cash only. Has an ATM. Great prices. Get the "mini beer" shots.

Rob McCutcheon — Google review

I have to give my fair assessment here- I’ve been here 15+ times and there is always an issue here. ATM Doesnt work, closes early for unknown reasons, off/ on about serving people in general. I know the location is great, but I’ve always had to leave very close to arriving here for reasons listed above… just kinda strange 🤷🏼‍♀️

Miranda Schmidt — Google review

My husband and I popped in here before seeing a comedy show & T-Mobile Center not knowing anything about the place, and wow we loved it! The bartender Robin is so personable and good at what she does. The divey atmosphere had us feeling right at home. Not to mention, finding reasonably priced drinks downtown is practically unheard of! We ended up stopping back by after the show, and plan to come back any time we are in the area. Thank you Robin & Zoo Bar for a great experience!

Megan Mitchell — Google review

A dive bar. Surly service from the bartender. Prices are slightly high for a dive bar. Cash only. They do have an ATM on site. There is a pool table. Small amount of seating inside. Bathrooms stink and could use deodorizes. A decent selection of beer and mixed drinks.

Mister Jon — Google review

This place is dope. No clue if they have food or not but my wife and I will be back based on the service and atmosphere alone. Very nice hideaway from the hustle and bustle of PnL and reasonably priced

Andrew Wilson — Google review

Great little bar, pool table, juke box, friendly staff and the regulars there were all welcoming. I would recommend ordering the 'mini beer' shots, very nice indeed! Cash only, but they do have an ATM inside. Had a great few hours there.

Paul Marshall — Google review

Power and Light ain’t got nothing on the Zoo! Free hot dogs on Friday evenings.

Ryan Pettit — Google review

Great little spot to grab a drink before the show

Jeremy Sickel — Google review

1220 McGee St, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA

22The Campground

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co*cktail bar



The Campground is a rustically decorated bar in the downtown Stockyards District that specializes in creative co*cktails and seasonal food. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service attentive. If you're looking for a new school version of the classic KC strip steak, it's here.

RUN, do not walk, to this establishment. Let me tell you something... If you come to KC and don't eat here, you are doing yourself an INJUSTICE!!! I thought the Smash Burger was the best thing I had ever put in my mouth and then I tried the S'mores and TRANSCENDED from my body. Moody country rustic vibe beautifully and successfully done. The service was personable and not overdone and every co*cktail tasted like it was hand rafted specifically for me. I will fly back here for this restaurant alone. This place looks like something you would see on Instagram and be like, "I'm visiting that city just to go there."

Gabriel King — Google review

The food was creative, delicious and very well executed! However, wish the service was warmer and showcased the food more.

Stephany F — Google review

Food was delicious and the drinks superb! Highly recommend for a unique KC experience!

Sam Augustin — Google review

Enjoyable environment with a large drink menu and some solid food offerings.---My significant other and I came here on a Sunday night in November while visiting from out of town. We had originally planned to get a full dinner, but after a heavy lunch we decided to go lighter on the food and grab a couple co*cktails.The establishment is in the midst of a revived warehouse district. The ambiance inside was dark and charming, with candles at each table and plants and outdoorsy art surrounding us. It wasn't super busy when we first arrived, but was quite packed by the end of the night.We were seated at a table by the window. The service was OK - a bit slow and waiter was a bit curt, but not concerning or outright rude. We each had two co*cktails throughout the night, and then split 2 appetizers and an entree.For the co*cktails, I had the Orange Negroni and the Desert Paloma, while my significant other went for the Old Fashioned and the Grief Motif. The Negroni and Old Fashioned were solid - as we expected and not especially extraordinary. I enjoyed my Desert Paloma - the tequila and mixes blended well together and were refreshing. The Grief Motif was interesting - I did not hate it, but the mix of ingredients was interesting and certainly didn't remind me of the perfect Fall/Winter drink that it was to be described.The appetizers we went with were the Brussel Sprouts and the Apple/Kohlrabi. The Sprouts were especially Brussel-y but well prepped, and the Apple Dish was simple yet pleasant and enjoyable.For the entree, we went with the Butternut Squash as neither of us were that hungry. While the Squash itself was good, the Kale was overwhelming for me and made the dish taste more 'earthy' than I was looking for. My significant other liked this more than I did, however.Overall this was a solid experience, even if I felt some of the food and drink offerings didn't always consistently excel. We left with a T-Shirt as well, so certainly are fans of our time here. I would definitely like to come back during warmer weather to sit outside and get the more true 'campground' experience, and also try the rave-reviewed burger when my appetite allows for it.

Arie Polycarpou — Google review

I have been wanting to try this place out for awhile. I picked it for our super club night. I thought it was amazing. I ordered the smash burger and fries. It was delicious. I don’t think this place is for everyone. There is a couple of people in our supper club that are picky eaters. I don’t mean discerning, I mean they like chicken nuggets. Lol. Not sure why they want to be in a supper club. But they even liked the smash burger and fries. The co*cktails are inventive. I’m a vodka girl and I enjoyed my co*cktail. The Olives were delicious too. To cold to sit outside but in the summer this place would be a nice hangout. Service was good and friendly. My only complaint is if you are inside in the evening it’s very dimly lit. I’m sure for ambiance. But for the old people it is a little hard to see. 😜

Kelli Goforth — Google review

Every experience at The Campground has been amazing. The co*cktails are a must try and the staff is incredibly kind, helpful, and outgoing! Our waitress went out of her way to take our photo and make sure the lighting and everything was great. Our drinks were phenomenal and I can’t wait to go back! Also, their annual Christkindlmarkt is a must-go! Such fun shops and people to be around! Thanks for being you, Campground!

Alison Lyons — Google review

Perhaps it was an “off night”…. as the other couple we were with mentioned they had dined there before and their first experience had been better. Our reservation had been made one month prior for 7:30 pm on 4/21/23 and we were seated immediately at a four top in the middle of a row of similar tables near the front windows. We asked a few questions about the wine list and the server seemed irritated. My husband ordered a Jameson on the rocks and the pour was minuscule. The appetizer we ordered was FANTASTIC …. Goat cheese tart … and was the best part of the meal. We all ordered the trout and the double smash burger for our entrees. The trout was good and the burgers were adequate…my bottom bun was cold (as though it had recently come from the refrigerator or freezer. ) The service was not good and the gentleman that was taking care of our table seemed irritated the entire evening and rarely stopped by. The strangest part of the evening occurred when the hostess came to our table before our entrees were served and said that we needed to finish up as people with reservations would be arriving ! We told her we also had a reservation and had only been there 45 minutes and she realized her mistake and left. She never returned to apologize for the misunderstanding which should have occurred. All in all it was a disappointing experience. As I stated … perhaps it was an off night for everyone we encountered there….but it was unfortunate. I think I would possibly return for a glass of wine and the goat cheese tart in the bar area but not for another meal.

Nanette R — Google review

A small menu but great options! We got the smash burger, the pork collar, fries, and goat cheese tart and they were all delicious!I got the old fashion and it was very good!They have both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s a pretty small indoor area so I would recommend getting a reservation if the weather isn’t great and you want to be inside.

Justin Brown — Google review

My wife and I went there last night. We absolutely loved everything about it. I ordered the Red Trout and it was incredible. Cooked perfectly with the tastiest sauce I have had in a long time.

Jeff Keller — Google review

This is hands down the best bar in KC. The natural wine list is incredible, the co*cktails are all delicious, and the burger is the best in town. Also, the owners and staff are the kindest people you’ll ever meet. I can’t say enough positive things about this place! Thank you Campground for keeping everyone safe and always making everyone feel welcome. We love this place!

Kaitlin Shelton — Google review

Hands down, the best restaurant in Kansas City. Warm atmosphere, excellent service, and the most perfect, new-American dishes. And the co*cktails? Thoughtful and expertly crafted. I love the staff’s candor and how much heart the owners put into creating and maintaining this space.

Phoenix Cartwright — Google review

My continuous advice… sit at the bar. I had amazing co*cktails and great conversation with my bartender. The food looked amazing, however I will have to come back to eat.Limited seating areas, but great atmosphere. I loved the bird glassware. Pricing was worth innovative co*cktail recipes.

Lauren Vaughan — Google review

Went there for a special occasion. It was not busy, yet we were basically ignored for 10 minutes. Our server seemed inconvenienced that we were there. Offered no suggestions even though we said it was our first time there. Venison tartare was great, but could not find any hint of smoke or trout in the smoked trout. Left after appetizers and went elsewhere. Decor seemed nice, although it was so dark in there you couldn't really see.

Laurie Mullan — Google review

I had a wonderful time here, it was my first visit after moving to KC recently. I love the variety of seating options here! I only tried the co*cktails here, all were winners. Looking forward to coming back to try some food. The staff here can’t be beat, so helpful and friendly, and full of positive energy 😁 I’ll definitely be back!

Nicki Muhawi — Google review

Amazing ambiance, unique setting and great co*cktails. No detail is overlooked. We also appreciate them putting public safety first. The Christmas Market has been a highlight of the season for the past two years. I hope they continue it! Can’t wait to get back for a burger.

Ashley L. Dudek — Google review

1531 Genessee St, Kansas City, MO 64102, USA 612-3434


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Sports bar


Johnnie's on Seventh, a dive bar founded by Johnnie Baska in 1934, presents a stark contrast to the family-friendly atmosphere of the Johnny's Tavern chain. The term "dive bar" itself is challenging to define but generally refers to an unpretentious place that possesses a certain charm effortlessly. This particular establishment, currently managed by Chris O'Connor, who is supposedly related to Johnnie Baska and notably tall, showcases photographs of famous men named John on its ceiling.

Looking for the Comfort & Nostalgia of the Neighborhood Bar? Then, Johnnie's on 7th, located in the Historic Strawberry Hill District of KCK will be Your New Favorite 100 Year Old Watering Hole! Ideal for Great co*cktails, Watching a Game, Parties, Billiards, a Fabulous Beer Selection and Daily Happy Hour Drinks. Welcome Home...P.S. Also, Check-Out Their Pro and College GameDay Party Bus Shuttles!

James Minor — Google review

This place seems like just a typical hole in the wall, but it's a historic bar with a lot of cool history and a very nice atmosphere. Not to mention drinks are poured heavy and tabs are reasonably priced. I will be going back.

John Cotter — Google review

Great place to hang with friends or just have an ice cold beer. Friendly atmosphere with good customer base. Great on the pocketbook too !

john sendrowski — Google review

Popped in to watch celtic v hibs while on holiday from the UK, was met by the legendary Brad , great afternoon spent in johnnies, Tony behind the bar was great value, 90% of the beers were cold , I'll probably return (tomorrow),Bathrooms we're top drawer, food was excellent 👌

Sean Murphy — Google review

If you think I'm not telling the truth just WATCH MY VIDEOS....i came here not only for the New Year but NYE as well, both nights the white man with long gray hair put me another woman and man out which we all were together, the first night we was inside for less than 10 longer than 5 minutes, we were playing darts while her brother fratnized with a local. Then, a few moments when he regrouped, the bartender made his business pass the ENTIRE group of people to tell us the bar close time to leave now. Sorry. Okay cool no problem no issue at just left, So now on New Years Day round 11ish we walked in to a semi full bar with 2 open seats and it's again 3 of us, i said in trying different drinks when he open but let's shoot pool first. We broke off to the pool table and the regular table, the bartender once again, left the bar walked up out of now where clapping his hands talking about "okay yall gotta go, if you're not buying drinks yall gotta go now" her brother followed up behind him trying to explain but me personally I'm not spending money with no rude employee who for one expects an tip and gratuities with my services and I've done nothing to you

Kidon King — Google review

I love the place!! I always run into someone I know and the bartenders are awesome and the owner is cool and the gang!!

Bernard Williams — Google review

No food stopped in for a beer. Great joint!

Joe Verdini — Google review

One of my favorite spots to grab a beer. No nonsense sports bar with great people and some of the best bartenders in KC.

Eric Minton — Google review

55 S 7th St, Kansas City, KS 66101, USA 371-0300

24King G - Bar and Delicatessen

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Sandwich shop

King G - Bar and Delicatessen is a unique establishment located at the corner of 18th and Locust streets, right on Art Alley. It combines the concepts of a bar and a deli, offering an eclectic experience for visitors. The bar area is vibrant and inspired by the neighborhood's character, featuring a colorful graffiti-style mural of King Gambrinus painted by Sebastian Coolidge. Guests can enjoy craft beer, natural wines, and quality co*cktails in this lively setting.

This not just your typical bar. This is also not just your typical sandwich shop. King G serves some of the best sandwiches in Kansas City, along with being one of the top spots for adult nightlife. With two floors, two bars, and a small outdoor standing area, Kind G is always a popular spot on a weekend night. Feeling hungry after hanging out? Step into the King G Delicatessen. I have ordered the Hot Ham and Cheese sandwich an almost embarrassing amount of times! They have chips, drinks, and desserts that you can order along with your sandwich. The delicatessen opens at 11AM until 12PM Monday through Saturday (open later Friday and Saturday), which means you can grab lunch and dinner here whenever you'd like! 10/10 recommend going to King G for drinks with friends, and then stepping into the sandwich shop after.

Through Becs Specs — Google review

Great set up. The deli is on one side and the bar is on the other, but they are connected and you can order from the deli at the bar. The pastrami on rye was delicious as was the pasta salad. They have a pretty decent beer ($6-8) and co*cktail ($11-13) selection. Staff was super friendly. Great addition to the Crossroads!

Mo Aziz — Google review

Such a vibrant place — decor, vibe, and food! The deli and bar are separate but connected, and it seems so much bigger on the inside, including all levels with the Pit Bar. Great for groups.

Hope Harms — Google review

Very interesting place. Eclectic menu, and the sandwiches were very good. The Italian Muffuletta was pretty tasty, but was obviously made many hours in advance, and was soggy in the middle. It was very flavorful. The Corned Beef sandwich was excellent. They've done a great job of creating intriguing menu items, just not so great at preparing them freshly.Biggest surprise: 2 sandwiches, sides and cookies (no drinks): $46.82!!! #stinger

Joey Lutes — Google review

KING G has been a place more than a bar to go to frequently. It has amazing co*cktails and a knowledgeable staff on their plethora of spirits they carry. Also a great selection of sandwiches and small plates to munch on if you’re in need of a bite. 10/10 a place to come back to regularly.

Thomas Franco — Google review

Went there for the first time yesterday evening. Sat at the bar. Had the black currant & fig hi-ball, which is non-alcoholic, and the turkey sandwich. Both were fire. The sandwich is a standard turkey & Swiss sandwich w/lettuce and mayo, but with two important exceptions that make it amazing: they put it on this really good 9-grain wheat bread, and they add balsamic pickled red onions to it. Fantastic. Friendly staff, large space, lively but comfortable vibe. Will definitely be back.

Jen Y — Google review

I’m updating my review after King G’s response and classy handling of the situation. I’m leaving the original below so their reply makes sense, but I really appreciate their handling of the situation and attempts to rectify any issues.Original:Great food and good drinks. Unfortunately, it’s also a place that apparently closes an hour (or more) early on a whim due to lack of business with no notice. I get wanting to go home and if you aren’t getting business that can make sense. But it’s immensely frustrating to go out of your way to check their hours, get dressed, and drive there to find out they just closed early. The point of posted hours is to know when they’re open and be relied on, and now you’ve just gone out of your way to a place that decided they didn’t feel like being open their entire shift. Like, same, but I have to stay at work till 5 too, because if someone calls, I’m supposed to be there. They didn’t even post on social media. Hours of operation are only useful if they’re stuck to. I understand wanting to close early just like I’m sure they can understand I don’t want to get ready and drive somewhere anymore once I’ve been burned by them being closed before - why would I go somewhere that may not even be open? Food is great, but only if you can order it. I live in the Crossroads and have eaten here a lot and love it. But now instead of driving further to get the sandwich that sounds really good, I’m just going to go somewhere closer that I *know* will be open and can count on serving food - because they follow their hours. I know my loss of business isn’t enough and my opinion isn’t important to really matter but it sucks, especially as a neighborhood resident and fan. It isn’t hard to keep hours and this new wave of randomly closing early isn’t cool. I know 1 star feels harsh, but to me, barring extreme circ*mstances like weather, staff medical issues, etc., not being open when you’re supposed to be is just about the epitome of a breakdown in service you can get.

Ripkabird98 — Google review

Very cool location with friendly bartenders, definitely has a great vibe, with a nice list of good beers on tap or bottle. It was a perfect time to walk in around sunset to enjoy a beer and have Pastrami on Rye from deli next door. Just order at the bar and they’ll bring it out to you.

Hugo O — Google review

Great spot in the crossroads. Great atmosphere and energy. The co*cktails are very tasty. The Paloma is ultra refreshing. The sandwiches are good and the portions are pretty big. The staff is ultra helpful and is great at answering questions. Nice trendy place to meet up.

R. Taylor (Tayloredkc) — Google review

👑Absolutely LOVED the vibe of King G and you can’t beat the location!🤤Also, the food & drinks? To. Die. For.😋I loved my corned beef sandwich as it was super flavorful and while the meat wasn’t dry by any means, there was NO soggy bread! We also had marinated mushrooms, marinated artichokes, and pretzels with superb pickled onions and mustard.🥃Then, the drink!!! It may come close to being a favorite of all time….seriously. I can’t speak for the other drinks on the menu because the Trotter Smash stole my heart.😉Get to King G’s and try it all for yourself! I recommend bringing a healthy appetite.

Denise Phillips — Google review

The team at King G is top notch. Always a fun time and plenty of options for drinks and small bites. The Deli next door is super tasty and great for a quick bite. You can tell everyone here loves working here which is a big green flag!

Ariel — Google review

I really love the layout of this bar. It is open and airy and the garage doors and windows make it breezy and nice. When we went in it wasn't crowded so we sat at the bar. The bartender was super friendly and made me a negroni that was on point. We also had a fearless John that was unique and outstanding.The food was a little less interesting than the drinks. The egg salad sando was a bit dry as was the grain salad. We also ordered pickles which were described as a mix of sour & half sour but turned out to be 2 ordinary pickle spears. For $3 I was hoping for something that at least seemed house made.The star of the food show was the corned beef sandwich. It was tasty and had a generous amount of meat & cheese on soft rye bread with just enough mustard. I love corned beef so this was the clear winner.I would definitely go back to drink here, but I'm going to need to give the food another chance.

Stephanie Simms — Google review

I’ve been dining at King G since the beginning and it’s always a great experience. The staff is all super friendly and knowledgeable. The ingredients are obviously high quality. I tried the new veggie sub yesterday and it was really delicious. Can’t wait to try the rest of the new menu!

Tica Felise — Google review

Overall 8.2/10This is a great place to stop in and have a couple of co*cktails. A bit on the pricier side but for good reason. This place is beautifully designed and decorated. The atmosphere is welcoming and in a great area with a lot of surrounding shops and bars/restaurants.Upstairs is open to everyone and from what I understand the bottom is sometimes reserved for parties or events. Would recommend coming in for some hand-crafted co*cktails and relax the night away.

Chris Stone — Google review

Andrew is my favorite bartender and definitely one of the funniest, but all the staff here is SO kind - they will check on you if they think something is off and always are friendly. Go to King G on the weekend if you need to people watch, but be prepared to talk over others. Love you Andrew if you’re reading this.

Emma Uebelein — Google review

500 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA 652-0383

25Black Dolphin

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (176)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (177)

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(257)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (180)

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Jazz club


Black Dolphin is a cozy jazz bar in Kansas City that specializes in programming KC Jazz musicians. It has a stripped-back design with exposed brickwork and candle-lit tables, and is set up more like a venue than a bar. The club mainly programmes KC Jazz musicians, but it also features traditional Cajun fare and specialty pastas.

Came in from out of town and wanted to listen to some good Jazz music. At first we were unsure about the neighborhood, but soon realized the area is being revitalized. Easily found street parking, and walked around the corner to the club. When you walk in, it is DARK and all you see is the band before your eyes adjust which was kind of cool. I have no idea what the name of the band was, but I LOVED the piano which you don't always get with Jazz, and of course the bass. Our sax player was multi-instrument as well. The place is just drinks and Jazz. The ambiance, was classic as well. We aren't drinkers at all, and they had a "mock-tail" menu of about 5 drinks for us. I loved the peach ginger. My mom and sister had the Virgin Mary. A little more worchestshire than I like, but I was happy trying one of everything. Very reasonably priced. We were starving though, and had hoped for appetizers, but after some though feel that it would have taken away from the club's atmosphere. We also enjoyed the band members coming into the audience to sit and talk with us during set breaks. The mirrors were a nice touch so we could see the piano player playing and facial expressions. Overall-would definitely go back. Such a beautiful way to spend the evening. Dressy casual to business casual dress is appropriate. We felt slightly underdressed in our jeans, but it seems everyone was in them.

Danel LaRose — Google review

This place is very cool. For lovers of live music, jazz, and great co*cktails. We got there early and the music was already going. The vibe is dark, cozy, a little mysterious, and overall very cool. The service was good and the drinks were even better. Highly recommend for a nice date night (if you already know your date). Not a great place to chat if you are trying to get to know someone. This is a quiet, relaxed, soak in the music kind of place.

Ellyn Hunter — Google review

Beautiful place to see live Jazz music, very swanky. Tim Whitmer was awesome!

Dylan Smith — Google review

We enjoyed the Black Dolphin. The jazz was good and the band was having a lot of fun with it. It has a nice atmosphere and is a fun space. We came closer to opening on a Friday night, and there weren't a ton of people, and it was an older crowd. As time went on, more people came, and it got decently busy. However, we were the youngest people by about 10 years, even at the end of our time there. The crowd was mostly 30s and up. There is a $5 cover charge here. The thing we liked about it a lot, though, is that it is set up to be more of a show. People whisper to each other, but for the most part, it is quiet, and everyone is watching and listening to the jazz band there. The booths and couches were also very comfortable and clean.

Callie Main — Google review

A very nice spot The bartender wasn't on point and lite on wait staff but if you wanna escape the heat and take in some live music.

Tyrone Tate — Google review

Located next to the Green Lady Lounge, I decided to pop over to check out the Black Dolphin. The place was semi-packed and I was able to find a seat close to the stage. Beautiful setup - this place is really decadent. Unfortunately there was one waitress for the entire place and I wasn't greeted until about 15 minutes into being there. The waitress kindly apologized but it wasn't her fault - the place is understaffed. This place needs at least two or three waitresses to serve their patrons. I ordered a drink, but after waiting for another 15 minutes and not getting my drink, I decided to leave (I did leave a nice tip.) This place is really pretty and I wish I got to listen to the music, but I didn't feel like waiting too long to be served.

SA Berry — Google review

This great little hole in the wall is larger than it might seem from the almost unidentifiable entrance. We went for a special evening with Max Haverfield & Friends. The cabaret style vocals were mixed with a little CW, with great backup by a string bass, wonderful piano, and percussion. Not to be missed is the wonderful co*cktail service and steady attention from our server. I appreciated the diversity of the clientele and will definitely visit again.

Bonnie House — Google review

The Black Dolphin is a jazz listening lounge in the heart of Downtown Kansas City which was designed for the afficionado of not just excellent music, but also fine atmosphere and strong, tasty craft co*cktails. In terms of sheer lumens? This bar has lower lights than any other establishment in Kansas City, or frankly anywhere on the planet. The lighting and every detail were clearly designed and placed with intention and care. It gives the bar's vibe a coziness which is instantly welcoming and sophisticated without being pretentious. There are two colors: black and orange. All of the illumination is provided by tastefully located ambient overhead lamps and warm-temperature vintage star globes which are easier to just see than to describe. The whole feeling is that of a 1963 co*cktail lounge right down to the vintage orange resin "Black Dolphin" sign itself which hangs above the Steinway. The Black Dolphin is the more subdued & subtle sister-club to the rowdier Green Lady Lounge across the alley. Just like The Green Lady, however, the musicianship at this joint is consistently top shelf just like the martinis, and once you set foot in The Black Dolphin, you'll realize you've never been in another bar quite like this before in your life.

Jon Bidwell Photography — Google review

Only a $5 cover to enjoy great drinks and an awesome band. Perfect date night.

Sarah Runyon — Google review

I normally have a great time when I come to see music here, but this last time we went, the service was really sporadic and seemingly very distracted. The place was packed. We put our drink orders in immediately, and our waitress never came back to check on us. I flagged down another waitress who became irate and started giving all kinds of excuses as to why an hour was an acceptable wait time for 3 co*cktails. Not to be. We got those drinks. Understandably, the house did not get a tip because they didn't deserve one, but I did tip the band because they were very good and shouldn't have to miss out due to the incompetence of the venue.

John Cotter — Google review

This was our first time in KC and the first place in the evening we went to check out. It didn't not let us down at all. The host at the the door was pleasant. The atmosphere was perfect for either a date or just to hang out with friends. They had more than enough options as far as co*cktail to choose from as you enjoy the great music being played.

frederick P — Google review

John is the best Bartender/owner/janitor or whatever in Kansas City. Came in after the Chiefs Parade and had a delicious Moscow Mule😁 Highly recommend this cozy jazz spot! I will be back soon ❤

Kemi Ageh — Google review

1813 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA 215-2954

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The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (186)

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26The Hey! Hey! Club

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (188)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (189)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (190)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (191)


(114)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (192)

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co*cktail bar

The Hey! is an intimate co*cktail bar located underneath the J. Rieger & Co. distillery in Kansas City, MO. The Hi offers a sophisticated yet cozy interior with live music and a variety of delicious drinks to choose from, including the Flintlock ($15). The bartenders here are always on hand to help you find your perfect drink, and the waitstaff are friendly and knowledgable about spirits.

My sisters and I came here to celebrate a birthday. I’d been several times before and it’s always been a great time :) We got our reserved seats at the bar and started browsing the co*cktail list. Everything that we ordered was delicious. Amanda, the bartender, graciously answered all of our questions and also made us some co*cktails that were not on the menu. The atmosphere was fun and also very chill and relaxed. A very vintage feel as far as decor goes. We loved it! Make sure to have reservations before going. Also, slide down the slide!!!

Mandie Bennett — Google review

Wonderful venue with high quality co*cktails that are an experience onto themselves. Incredibly professional mixology and excellent atmosphere. Easily a hidden gem in KCs bar scene that you need to visit.

John McCarty — Google review

So glad I got to finally check this place out! All the drinks were fantastic. Had the flyby (so good!) and some others that I’m forgetting the names of 😊 The French fries and the ceviche were also delicious. Amanda and Joseph were great bartenders and conversationalists. I’ll be back for sure! It is a somewhat small place so I would recommend a reservation if you want to be safe!

Nicki Muhawi — Google review

Dark, private, speak easy feeling. I felt transported back to the days of Prohibition. It felt like the 1920s. Great place to have a co*cktail and a few peanuts. Bartenders were creative if you want non-alcoholic drinks, but expect food/drinks are a bit more $$$ here.

Dannie L — Google review

Where to begin!? This place was incredible! We were blown away by how beautiful and swanky this bar was. The food and drinks were *chefs kiss* and our server and hostess were absolutely fabulous. We felt like a million bucks! The drinks were perfection as well. We don’t live in KC, but would absolutely come to this spot again next time we visit!

Katie Gerlach — Google review

Great place for co*cktails. Good speakeasy vibe. Definitely a different vibe than the upstairs or outside bar areas. Highly recommend.

Mo Aziz — Google review

We went to the first of I hope many more special events which was a collaboration between the 18th & Vine Jazz community and the Hey Hey Club. Dinner, drinks and KC Jazz history told by a historian while listening to cool jazz (bebob). What a great event!

Kevin Thomas — Google review

So let's talk intimate, sexy, date night energy. Me and my honey came here by way of referral we did make a reservation. This area is small Speak Easy type of seating. We opted to sit at bar where we encounter an amazing mixologist her name leaves me but she was great. Opting to let her show us her gift we ask her to make us something great with whiskey. I'm an old fashioned girl but this one was special full of palette surprises. The other drink taste just as amazing. Drinks are not cheap but they are worth it I can't wait to get back and enjoy more libations soft music and great vibes.

Tye B — Google review

I went there this weekend (Sat 1/7) for my birthday and had a great first time experience! We started upstairs at the Monogram Lounge and then ended the night downstairs at the Hey Hey club. I wish I remembered names but the hostess was amazing and very gracious with our group of 7. After a little wait, we were all able to sit together. The bartender was fun to watch while making drinks and his suggestions did not disappoint. The co*cktails were phenomenal. The service was great and I had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday here!*I really wish I could remember names because they deserve the shoutout!*

Tay D — Google review

Excellent experience overall !Divine ambiance — dim lighting, cool music (but you can still hear your convos) and comfy/trendy seating options. They serve unique & strong co*cktails. Our food was also great.Kaleb was the BEST server! He was incredibly personable, professional and patient with my friend & I. He was VERY knowledgable of the menu and how the drinks are prepared. He made us feel welcomed, heard & relaxed.Definitely ask for Kaleb — he was a pleasure!

Brooke Ambroske — Google review

My husband and I love places that serve unique drinks, and this was one of those places. We are BIG fans of bars with a cozy living room atmosphere, and even bigger fans of excellent bartenders and servers.We made a reservation at a table, without knowing how busy the place would be at 7:00 on a Saturday night. It was not terribly busy, (40% capacity at first) but filled up as the night got later. I would recommend reserving ahead of time to ensure you get a seat.Prices are on-par with other establishments of this kind, but these drinks felt worth every dollar for the uniqueness and experience they provided. I hope to return soon and bring friends!

Michaela Byrd — Google review

Visited for the first time with a group of 7. Atmosphere was great, drink presentation was awesome. Friendly waitress.

Muriah Carlsen — Google review

Dim, luscious speakeasy downstairs inside the distillery - don't follow Google Maps to the other end of the building like we did, haha.Drinks were creative and well presented, but 2/3 were not smooth or balanced enough. However, if you're in the area, it's worth stopping in and trying something new as an experience. Service from the hosts and the bartender were excellent.

P L — Google review

2700 Guinotte Ave, Kansas City, MO 64120, USA 702-7822

27Horsefeather Social

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (193)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (194)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (195)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (196)


(21)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (197)

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Horsefeather Social is a chic and modern outdoor space located on the 7th-floor terrace of the Loews Kansas City hotel. It offers a full bar, comfortable seating, and an open event lawn with stunning views of the Performing Arts Center. The rooftop bar is named after the famous co*cktail, Horsefeather, and provides a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy local co*cktails, craft beer, or wine while taking in the scenic west downtown view.

This hands down the best rooftop bar in Kansas City when you break it down. Everything you need is here, and the wonderful staff make it even better. We had Eve and she was so attentive, gave great recommendations, and was so welcoming! This place is on a different level - highly suggest taking a visit.

Local KCFoodie — Google review

A really nice spot to catch a sunset, listen to some jazz in the background and get great service. The roasted chicken sliders were fantastic. The bartender was very helpful in helping me select a whiskey. Our server was quick and friendly. My wife loved her drink. Prices were about what you'd expected for a downtown hotel bar. We really enjoyed it (other than the screaming kids playing cornhole on the "lawn", but that's not really the bar's fault). Some gluten free options would be nice.

Pat Lehnherr — Google review

Very relaxing place to enjoy a few drinks and a light snack or two.Staff are steps above most of your normal waitstaff. Extremely professional, friendly and outgoing.Amazing selection of Jazz Music playing in the background, not too loud -not too subtle. Just right volume.Please Add “SlapDick Whiskey” to your bar selection.

Christopher Edenfield — Google review

High-end expensive terrace bar. There was no servers available so had to go to bar to order. Although it was. bar, there were a lot of kids running around. We orderes two beers (a Bud Light and Boulevard Wheat) ans it came to $17 before tip.

Tim Wood — Google review

Went there with some friends. We had the middle table- really comfortable. Waiter was really polite and nice.I got the coco spritz (in the tall glass) and my friend got the watermelon splash.Even thou the co*cktails were good it did not taste like their names. I didn’t taste coconut at all and my friend didn’t taste the watermelon at all. It was an easy drink. The view on the Kauffman center is great at sunset

Justine Lorente — Google review

Solid location, cool view, but as others have noted, totally lacking on the service front. We sat down, waters were given, and then a server proceeded to walk by us multiple times for ~20 min and never said a word. We ordered at the bar and the bartender was excellent along with the drinks. We also ordered food and closed out. Later we asked the non-attentive server for extra bread (first time talking to him) and he had us open a new tab for a $2 bread charge 🤣🤣. Really unsure about this place.

Forat Lutfi — Google review

Kansas City - on 7th floor at Loews Hotel, it’s really classy with great views. Service was not grand or even marginal. Food was ok but you’re not there for the food. It is all about the atmosphere. The lady clearing tables and bringing the initial water was phenomenal, she was pleasant while being invisible (I hope she got part of the tips!), she was constantly on the move if she’s not happy there someone hire her she’s a great worker - maybe make her the manager and service would improve. Without being impressed by this worker it would have been 3 stars

KJ McGraw — Google review

The weather was perfect. The drinks were delicious. The prices were affordable. Our group had an incredible time being outdoors but comfortable. Beautiful location with lovely view.

Christopher Draven — Google review

1515 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA 897-7060

28Sail Away Wine

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (198)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (199)

The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (200)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (201)


(265)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (202)


(3)The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (203)


Wine bar

Sail Away Wine is an ideal location for a date, wine tasting, or socializing with friends. The establishment offers a card system that allows patrons to sample a range of wines in various sizes. Customers can purchase full bottles of the wines they enjoy and explore a diverse selection suitable for all tastes. Additionally, Sail Away Wine provides the opportunity to try high-end wines without committing to an entire bottle.

This was our first time in. The employees were very friendly and helpful. They have music on Tuesday nights, lots of different delicious wines to choose from and the flatbread was wonderful! They even offer cauliflower crust. We will definitely be returning!

Sherri Bigler — Google review

This place is the BEST! I don't like 99% of the wines I've tried. During a girls' trip when my friends wanted to go here, I decided 'when in Rome' and got a passport. Every wine I tried I LOVED. It was so much fun, the staff are great, and the concept is amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Kelly Fushia — Google review

Fun “pay as you pour” wine bar. 1, 5 and 8oz pour options.Great, rotating selection.Good variety, no champagne other than by the glass.Kitchen doesn’t open until 4.

Sarah Danzl — Google review

I knew about this place since last year I regret not going before. Super cool to travel the world zipping wine, the food was great, perfect for wine tasting. Nice for dates :) (my husband and I enjoyed our time there) Overall, a really well thought concept for a wine bar. Definitely I’ll go back.

Ana Standing — Google review

This place was amazing! The wine selection was great, they truly have something for everyone. And I loved that you could select how much you got per glass. The Cheese and Meat board didn't last 5 minutes. Highly recommend the goat cheese! And the staff was super friendly and so helpful. This is now a must go to spot when I visit Kansas City!

Jennifer Walker — Google review

I give this place a 10. Yesterday was my first time going. Everyone was so nice. Thumbs up to the Live music. This place is perfect for a dates, meetings or what ever you have the atmosphere was great. My favorite wine was the Moscoto PIEDMONT-ITALY

Yvonne Moss — Google review

I love this spot! It's a vibe. Wine lined walls where you self-serve and pay per 1, 3, or 5 oz pour. The flat beads are really good, and if you like olive tapenade, this is the place to get it! It's the largest portion I've ever been served, and the warm pita bread is to live for!

Bari Cooper — Google review

Perfect spot for a date, to try some wine, or to catch up with friends. (Long/detailed review ahead)My wife and I have been here twice and love both experiences.They'll give you a card that will allow you to try different wines. Each wine sampling comes in a small, medium, or large (sorry, I don't remember exact oz).If you like the wine, you're able to purchase a full bottle. They have a small but good variety of wines for everyone. Plus, you can try some expensive wines without purchasing a whole bottle.They also have some amazing finger foods! We got the Reuben Flatbread, dessert flight, and artichoke dip.It was all AMAZING.Overall, I definitely recommend going sometime!

Brian Haynes — Google review

A CANDY STORE FOR ADULTS - BUT IT’S WINE. If they offered hospitality, I would live here. Self serve wine. They get your ID and print you a plastic card, like main event style.You enter your card into the machine and your name displays, and we all know our egos love personalization. You then pick your ounces of pour after reading flavor profiles and push a button. Voila! Wine! The service was fantastic and then…. We got the charcuterie… oh me oh my! Big fan! Delicious fig jam and the meats were not overly salty.Overall this place is Heaven on earth and you should go immediately.Oh and you get to keep your card for the next trip!

Danielle Heard — Google review

This is a cute little hole in the wall spot that I absolutely adore. I have a membership at Cooper's Hawk, but I still come here to have my own personal tastings of other brands.First off all, at least here you can sit down and not have to stand at the bar to taste and converse with friends. The environment is very chill and laid back. They are also able to make some co*cktails, not many, but a few. I love the pour dispensary options on the machines. They are priced according to the pour size you select.The food is good. I usually get a flatbread with a side salad. Delicious!Overall, it is a nice kickback spot in the Northland. Nice to meet up with friends or a chill date night.

Tumika Bonds — Google review

Great place to sample wine. Appetizers are delicious. Our host/server was very helpfulI will be returning with more friends.

Maw- Moms1960 — Google review

Aside from the fact that I received my exclusive VIP Sail Away Passport (yep I’m official), this is the cutest little wine exploration concept EVER!!! It’s a swank, hip, futuristic, - I don’t mind if I help myself to another glass of wine experience!!!! I enjoyed taste testing and seeing my name pop up across the dispensary screen as I insert my card to any and all the exploratory wine exposures! I can imagine how popular this place will become and I want to be selfish and not tell anyone about it but hey, sharing is caring! Thank you Sail Away Wine for the Blown Away Experience!!!! See you soon!!!

Tyrz That Taurean Goddess! — Google review

309 Armour Rd, North Kansas City, MO 64116, USA 768-0020

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The 28 best bars and drinks in North Kansas City (2024)


What is the oldest bar in Kansas City? ›

Kansas City's oldest bar and grill.

Before Prohibition was repealed, in December of 1933, The Peanut existed as a speakeasy.

Who goes to bars the most? ›

The Sober Test. Why do we go to bars? Of course, not everyone does, but according to a 2017 report, 51 percent of Americans age 21 to 26 typically go to a bar at least once per week, followed by 42 percent of all millennials, 24 percent of Generation Xers, and 19 percent of baby boomers.

How old do you have to be to get into bars in Kansas City? ›

Do Kansas City bars allow people under 21 to be in the bar but not drink, or do you have to be over 21 to get into the bars in the Power and Light district and Westport? Most of them have a time cutoff such as 9 PM for under 21. You need to contact the bars you are considering to get their policy.

What is Kansas oldest town? ›

In 1854, the City of Leavenworth was founded as the very first city of Kansas. Leavenworth became nationally-known as the "jumping-off point" for the opening of the West.

What is the oldest bar in Missouri? ›

O'Malley's Pub in Weston, Missouri.

What is the busiest day for bars? ›

Local bartenders say the day before Thanksgiving, known as Drinksgiving or Blackout Wednesday, is the busiest drinking day in America beating out traditional drinking days such as New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo. There's no official name for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Who is the most respected person in the bar industry? ›

Monica Berg has been named the most influential person in the bar industry, according to Bar World 100 2023 in association with Perrier.

What age group spends the most money in bars? ›

Consumers in the age group of 21-34 comprise about 31.1% of industry revenue, making up the prime demographic. This age group tends to have more free time and less responsibilities than older age groups so they frequent bars the most. Consumers between the ages 35-65 make up about 47% of the market altogether.

Can you drink at 16 in Kansas? ›

The minimum age in Kansas for legally purchasing, possessing or consuming alcoholic beverage is 21 years of age. Under the Kansas liquor laws, an “underage person” is any individual under the age of 21. Persons under 21 years of age are also considered to be minors with regard to liquor law violations.

What state has the strictest alcohol laws? ›

The strictest states on alcohol are Pennsylvania, Utah and North Carolina. For example, in North Carolina, drink offers such as “buy one get one free” are completely prohibited.

Does Kansas sell alcohol on Sunday? ›

Sales are prohibited between 11:00 PM and 9:00 AM. Cities and counties which allow off-premises sales are prohibited from allowing Sunday liquor sales after 8:00 PM, but may not require retail liquor stores to close before 8:00 PM on other days. No sales are allowed at less than cost.

What is the oldest operating bar? ›

The oldest bar in the US is the White Horse Tavern, which was established in 1673 in Newport, RI. George Washington frequented historic taverns such as Middleton Tavern in Maryland. The Old '76 House in Tappan, New York, imprisoned a British spy during the Revolutionary War.

What is the oldest building in downtown Kansas City? ›

Built in 1850, the building that houses Kelly's Westport Inn is believed to be the oldest building in Kansas City.

What is the oldest standing house in Kansas? ›

The "Rookery" is the oldest surviving building on the fort (circa 1834), and the oldest continuously occupied residence in the state of Kansas. It is said to have gotten its name from when it housed the single military men in the early 1800's.

What is the history of Kelly's Westport Inn? ›

Built in 1851 by the Ewing brothers, it has housed a remarkable array of businesses. In the 19th century the building was a grocery catering to the wagon trains as they headed west on the Sante Fe Trail- which, incidentally, passed right by the front door! The Widenmann family owned the building from 1903-1995.


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